Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling kinda down and lonely lately

Maybe it's this cold or whatever I have been fighting but I know part of it has to do with this dang TTC stuff.I have a friend that is pg that doesn't even seem excited.I know that this is her second baby in about 18 months but it was partially planned.Now I love this friend dearly but her reaction to DH poor SA was as follows:"I guess his genetic makeup just wasn't meant to be reproduced" ouch that hurt and she said it very matter a factly with no compassion. Like if you are infertile that somehow you deserve it.I guess that is easy to say when you have a almost 18 month old and are PG again without any help from doctors, just alcohol.She said a few other things to go with it but you get the gist.I had no idea what to say back to her as we were on the phone when this was said, so I had the privacy of being on the other end to have my horrified hurt face.But I know that It did hurt me and I am not sure how she could say that to me when I was clearly upset.So it looks like when I go down this road I again will have to keep everything between me and DH as reaching out to people can get you a slap in the face.When we started trying 13 months ago I thought just maybe we would have a baby by christmas, or at least be PG.But now I know that is impossible.Well I guess that's it for now,I do hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving,at least as happy as this whole TTC thing allows us all to be.God Bless you all!


The Baker's said...

I am so sorry that your friend said what she said, I know how you feel,and I just don't understand why us, But God does know why and for some reason there is greater and far better plans that he has in store for those of us dealing with IF. Most of my friends are fertile myrtles and a few have as well said some hurtful things and it does start to get in the way of your friendship. But I feel that if they are your friend that they should be compassionate and listen, as well as give you some comfort. Please know that I am here if you need to chat and you are not alone hun. Hugs, keep your chin up our turn is near. Have a good turkey day.

amanda said...

oh that was so not nice of your friend. 'i'm sorry' doesn't seem enough. i know it can be 'overwhelming' getting pg quickly after having a baby, but she should be sensitive to the fact that you probably would love to be pg that quickly after all this crazy stuff. argh. friends are kinda crazy.

Dan and Gretchen said...

Some people just don't have any compassion. I quickly learned that unless they've been through it, they simply don't understand. I had a lady say to me today "oh you poor thing, you look miserable...I feel so sorry for you,I won't even tell you how much WORK you are in for when they are here", I wanted to tell her, it's all what we make of it, and DON'T feel sorry for me.
I'm so sorry you had to be on the receiving end of that cold comment!!!

April said...

oh, come on know that we totally deserve IF! NOT!! just like people do not deserve cancer or diabetes!!

the mock is totally no problem. if you have had an IUI it is basically the same, except that it is under ultrasound and they measure things a little differently.

when is yours?

thinking of you. xx

noswimmers said...

Ouch...that must have stung. People who haven't been through this don't know how much those comments can hurt.
I'm sorry you don't have your Xmas baby...HUGS to you.

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