Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wonderful ultrasound!

We have a healthy singleton non-ectopic pregnancy (it turning out ectopic was a fear of mine)that looks really, really good. With a very visible heartbeat that is 110bpm.Who knows it might have been higher but I was kinda holding my breath when he was counting trying to be very still not knowing if he needed me to be very still or not. I didn't even realize I was doing it until he was done watching it beat LOL .Normal at this point is 90-110bpm.It is also measuring 4.9mm and normal for now is 2-4mm. So the baby is doing wonderful.They had warned me that we may not even be able to see a heartbeat yet when we came in for this appointment and that would be normal this early. But it was VERY visible.They also changed my due date from 12-25-09 to 12-23-09.Two days earlier.It made it so much more real to me and DH.We are so excited!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First u/s is coming up quick

Our first u/s is on wednesday the 29th and we are so excited! I haven't really had much to report lately we are getting ready for a yard sale that we are having this weekend so lots of sorting and pricing has been keeping me busy.The thing I have noticed about myself is I am so swollen and bloated in my abdomen.Seriously nothing fits.It just seems so soon to be having this problem.My bb's don't even look like my own anymore. I so need to get new bras so I can stop having quad bb's. :-) I was wondering if anyone knew if the progesterone and or estrogen could be part of my early bloating etc. I was told by the nurse that it was partly to blame for my cramps that I have been having since 3dpt.Which have gotten way less frequent and intense over the past week or so.This is all so new and uncertain to me just looking for some reassurance.So in the end while trying to get dressed on Saturday I was so frustrated when nothing at all fit.DH was trying to be comforting and said "honey why don't you just put on those maternity capris that you bought for later?,you are pregnant and you would be so much for comfortable" So I gave in seeing no other answer.But I tell you what I haven't been that comfortable in my clothes for the last week or so.And once I started wearing the ever so stretchy capris/convertible cargo pants part of the bloating/swelling went down in my belly.Not all of it not even close but it was noticeable.It was like the pants were restricting the flow of blood and fluids up and down through my body so it was pooling by my wait band.Just like it does on either side of my wedding ring lately from time to time.I take it off and then it goes down for a while.The funny thing through all of this is I am not eating anymore than usual.In fact DH was the first to point out I eat the same or less.So I have been perplexed.Any ideas girls???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does anyone else have a stash like this.....

I am still in awe that I am pregnant but it hasn't come without many thoughts running through my head and the realization of things I have done through the years to try to get to this point that in the end did not work. I know it is probably time to throw these things out not just because I am pregnant but because they never ever worked for me.I am still nervous but also feel incredibly optimistic that this pregnancy is here to stay. I just feel like it was God's will to bring us to this option and his will to make it work.So I am trying to leave it in his hands, although admittedly I am still taking it easy to ease my own fears. I keep thinking about our due date which is Christmas day and I know that it will go faster than I think it will as the holidays always seem to sneak up on me.So on a different note here I display the stash I have.I guess you could add to the pile clomid,follistim and repronex with timed BDing and also follistim and repronex combined with IUI as none of those worked either. As well as the theory that after I had surgery for my endometriosis I would get pregnant easier ,because that never helped even with the many times I had surgery for it. I also took some common natural supplements that were supposed to help too but obviously they never worked. So here I look at all of this stuff and wonder why it is a bit difficult to let go.......Any theories out there? I know I will get rid of it in the end but why is something I have to think about?

Friday, April 17, 2009

2nd beta results

They just called and my 2nd beta was 375 .... wowser!
My first was 135 what does everyone make of this.More than one or just high numbers??? Also my u/s is scheduled for april 29th and they said I should be able to see a heartbeat by then.I am in disbelief and shock girls. I was a bit scared before my second beta this morning I was really nervous and worried whether it would increase or not.I guess I didn't have to worry.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Official! We are pregnant!

I got the call about an hour ago and the results were positive and they said my beta number of 135 was awesome! I have my second beta on Friday.I am speechless girls and so very excited.When I get the chance I do want to acknowledge some awards I was given awhile ago and I am so sorry to those who gave them to me that I have not done so sooner, but this transfer cycle has taken me over lately.I will post at another time the story of the morning when we first tested and DH's and my response to our positive. Hugs and God bless everyone, God is wonderful!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok so I caved and POAS.....

"Can I have the envelope please?" " And the winner is positive!! AKA Pregnant!!"I am in shock and disbelief.Is it likely that I would get a false BFP at this point? I am at 9dpt and I used first mornings urine? I took three tests, 2 of the same brand and 1 of another brand. My HCG trigger was on april 1st and AF would be due April 15 or 16th according to my normal cycle lately.With today being the 13th already I thought it might be close enough.I am posting pics of the sticks so we can all obsess.My beta is on wednesday the 15th.So only 2 days from now.What do we all think girls!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trying to hold out

I am trying to hold off testing and wait for the beta on wednesday the 15th but it is getting really hard.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This horrible 2ww

Wow this is worse than I thought it would be.I am trying to distract myself but it's next to impossible and DH and I are so excited that there could be a baby(s) in my tummy.I keep counting days trying to figure out when trigger would be gone and when a positive would be a real positive.The most I could find online was 1 day per 1,000 of HCG.So a dose of 10,000 would take at the minimum of 10 days but I have read that since everyone is different that it can be up to 14 days.All I know no matter what the results are of my beta on April 15 that my bb's are the sorest they have ever been in this cycle and today is an all time high.I do know that if we get a negative that we are going to jump right back into things and try again.I was so positive that is was gonna work before I started and now the 2ww is messing with my head.I am losing my optimism girls..I have to say though that it was nice to talk to you Tammy while I was on bed rest as I was so bored.Sorry that I talked your ear off but it was so nice to have someone new to chat with.I am the type who can't sit still and doing that for a strict 48hours plus 2 more days of moderate restrictions and rest has been difficult.Plus I still have activity and lifting etc restrictions right now.I am so hoping that I have good news to share at the end of all this.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our transfer with lots of pics of our day!!

Ahh where to begin it was an absolutely beautiful day for making a baby as we drove to the RE's office an hour from our home today (saturday).I took all the pills as directed and we made it there on time.They took me back where DH and I changed into our hospital wear.After that they took us back to the room where I continued drinking water as I was afraid I hadn't had enough(FYI 8 oz seemed to be enough) I ended up drinking two bottles of 8 oz for a total of 16oz. And let me tell you I had to pee so bad that I hurt. They let me up 4 minutes early since I had to go so bad.We took our video camera and digatel camera back with us and DH filmed the whole thing.Before they begin they gave us a pic of our embies which we were not expecting.And the best news was that all 3 survived the thaw.The RE said we had 2 really good ones and 1 mediocre one.It wasn't bad but not as good as the other 2.While we were waiting afterwards DH and I took pictures, watched our video and ate cookies.These were special cookies that we had bought just for this before our last canceled cycle. They were peppermint oreos with snowflakes on them in honor of us taking home our snowflake babies.And boy were they ever yummy,they tasted a bit like thin mints.We had never had them before since they were special editions.I have lots of pics that I will be posting in this entry.I am so glad that we captured the day as we did.The RE also gave us a ultrasound pic of the embryos after transfer. I have to say that it went so smoothly and was not even half as painful as my mock transfer or IUI was. I have a C shaped cervix that snakes but my doctor was prepared and it was so easy now that he knew from the mock what he had to do.My RE even said that he really liked our transfer and felt really good about it because it went so well.It was over before I knew it.The longest part was the waiting afterwards with your legs raised.So now the two week wait begins.I am on strict bedrest for 2 days and then I am limited for two more after that.And then on day five I can resume normal activites with resctrictions.It is so hard to sit still as I am not one that ever stays put for long.But I just know that before too long we will get our BFP.Thanks for all your supportive comments girls and I was thinking about all of you today while I was there.I am now cuddling up in bed with my bedrest pillow and blanket that we bought for me before our first cycle it's pink(my favorite color) and so very soft.The timeline of the pics is from bottom up.The first ones are before hand after we got ready and so on.Some of the first pics are from on the way home, I saw two different sets of two lines in the sky(the jet streaks and the phone lines both in one pic), do you think its a good sign???? :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time is set for saturday transfer

I just got the call and my transfer will be at 11am on saturday. I have to arrive there by 10:30am though.I got my instructions and it now it is setting in girls.....I am going to be pregnant very very soon.I am excited and nervous. But more excited.I will keep you all updated while I am on my bed rest. HUGE HUGS to you all.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies