Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second beta is in

Just got my second beta results and it was 531!! Praise GOD!!! I am still in shock :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My beta results

Waiting is finally done....

Sorry it has taken me a bit to post but my office did not call until about 4:30pm. And I wanted to make sure to contact my "chip in " contributors first to let them know the results, as I had promised I would.I actually took a hpt or 3 :-) on Sunday and they came up positive. I also had a scare on Monday when I had a very small amount of bleeding it did not last for more then a few hours but truly was scary.I called the RE's and talked to the nurse and admitted that I had POAS and it was positive. I also told her that I was having the cramping and bleeding and described it to her, she said really it most likely was a good sign, implantation. The other cause that she thought it could be is the prometrium was irritating my cervix.Either way she said I should try not to worry. So fast forward to today I went and had it drawn and then I waited and waited. I called the RE's and left a message for the nurse. Later I got the call I was waiting for and I guess the lab never faxed them the results so they had to get a hold of them before they called me back. The nurse said congratulations you are pregnant and they said my beta was 206. She said she really, really liked my number and felt really good about it.So now I go back on the Thursday the 25th for my second beta. I am hoping for a great increase so I can feel even better, as I still am a bit nervous about my bleeding yesterday.I hope they are right and it was either implantation bleeding or irritation of my cervix.Thank you all so much for your support and prayers that you have given us we really appreciate them.


I got poked today to draw my beta. Now I wait...

Monday, August 22, 2011

A infertility web series that is worth taking a peek at

I stumbled upon this today and if you haven't already I recommend you check it out. TLC is doing a web series following 6 couples that are trying to conceive. They are all in various stages of their journey. A wide range of struggles are included with these couples such as PCOS,Endometriosis,male factor infertility, unexplained infertility,vasectomy reversal and miscarriages. They are taking various routes to parenthood, natural trying, medication, IVF,OPT's and considering the possibility of adoption.I sat and watched all the segments and plan to continue to follow their stories. So glad that a large network has decided to produce something like this, now maybe just maybe they can bring it to prime time on our televisions ;-)I know that while you are watching it will be impossible to feel alone in your journey.God bless girls!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is it Tuesday yet??

My beta day is getting closer and closer. The HPT's have begun to whisper my name. They are not calling or even shouting to me yet but they are defiantely whispering my name ;-) Today is the 20th and my beta is on the 23rd. I feel like normally time passes too quickly but lately it is moving so S L O W..... My heaviness I had in my abdomen has pretty much gone away and has been replaces with cramping. I had very light cramping for a day or 2 but part of yesterday and now today are getting a bit uncomfortable.I feel like AF is coming any time.Even with the cramping I have not lost hope as I had cramping during my 2ww when I was PG with Nanner. But back then after my first FET I really thought it hadn't worked as I was so sure that AF was on her way. That feeling that I just knew that AF was coming was what drove me to take a HPT that time. I was so mad and just ready to move on knowing what my future was.To my huge surprise it was positive. So for this cycle I am trying to take it as a good sign that maybe just maybe it worked.Hopefully I can hang in there until beta time. Wish me luck girls!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ahh the 2 week wait

Well I am a few days into my 2ww and yes it is already getting to me.As much as I try to distract myself it just isn't working that well. I can't say that I have much in the way of symptoms.There is one thing that may mean something and it's that I have heavy, very achy pain feeling in my pelvis. I did not have it before the transfer while on the same meds (estrace and prometrium) and I did not have it right after the transfer. I started feeling that way about 3 days after my transfer and it does not go away. It uncomfortable enough that even when I was on the phone talking and laughing with a friend that I felt the need to hold my abdomen in order to try to make it hurt less as laughing was pretty painful. So what do you all think possible infection or PG symptom. I have no other symptoms of infection just for a side note.I do vaguely remember having a similar feeling while PG with Nanner.In fact my abdomen was super sore with him but I can't remember if that was before or after my beta.So any input anyone has is appreciated. My beta is steadily approaching but time is going slower than I would like.I go in 6 days to have my blood drawn.It's on Tuesday the 23rd.I have not decided if I will POAS but I really. really am going to try to hold out. No really, I am this time ;-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Transfer day

Our little embie made the thaw and was dividing nicely! Everything went very smoothly thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. Now I start my 48 hours strict bed rest and in about 11 days I will have a blood test to see if it worked.I am also on 10 pound lifting restriction until my blood test which is going to be tricky with my chunky monkey nanner in the house.The RE said the embie looked excellent and was doing wonderful! I am honestly full of hope that this will work. I have to say that the valium hit me harder this time than last time. I felt sleepy and loopy.The last 2 times it barely affected me at all.I am already getting a bit stir crazy, it's hard for me to sit still very long but I know I have to. :-) Let's hope that there is good news come beta time.My first beta is on Tuesday the 23rd. I will post pics of our day soon.Hope you are all doing well and that you all keep posting as I need material to read ;-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Got the call and no more shots

I got the call that we have been waiting for telling us what time transfer is on Friday.It is set for 11:10 AM but we have to be there at 10:40.I officially am off the lupron. And I have to say I will not miss it.Already the headaches are going away and so are the hot flashes. My last shot was 2 days ago on the 8th.I also decreased my estrace and added prometrium/progesterone yesterday the 9th. Today the 10th I added tetracycline and medrol. So we are almost there. I can't believe that Friday is just around the corner.I am strangely calm seeing as we do not have a for sure sitter yet. And it's not because I haven't tried,boy have I tried. I even tried going through I tell you there are some people out there that I have no idea why they even applied. In the end we are supposed to being going with a friends 17 year old cousin. She came for an interview and I liked her really well.She seemed very interested in the job and said she wanted it but today I have tried calling her 3 times to tell her the time for tomorrow and have not been able to reach her.Possibly some more important teenage matters have arisen. Yes I am nervous as we have NO sitters or family to help.This was my first attempt ever in my life to hire an actual sitter complete with interviews etc. So as of now we are sitter less and well I have no idea what we are going to do.Maybe I will hear from her tomorrow. I plan to call my friend and see if she can get a hold of her to see what's up.So pray me girls that the sitter situation works out and also they thaw our 1 and only little one tomorrow the 11th (Thursday) please pray for it to make the thaw and keep growing into a wonderful outcome.

Friday, August 5, 2011

oh yeah!! Rockstar lining!!

Had my u/s appointment today and it went really well.They said my lining needed to be 6-8 at that point and it was 9.4 in one spot and 9.6 in another. So that is great news. I actually said to my hubby while we were at the office "HI five for rockstar lining" and HI fived I know we are weird but we are finally truly hitting out stride as a married couple. After 3 years of marriage we have gotten closer than ever are much better able to anticipate and understand each others needs.We have become more laid back and are having more fun because of this.So what is next is that I have to up my dose of estrace which is a normal part of the protocol and continue on the lupron.My transfer is definately a go for August 12th just a week a away Holy Moly!They are calling me on the 10th with the exact time of it.I will write more later but the bed is calling this tired rockstar! :-) Later ladies!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies