Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mason Matthew has arrived!!

I am so very tired but will share a few details and pics with all of you. Mason Matthew arrived Tuesday December 15th at 2:25 AM. He was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.He is so little that newborn size clothes are still too big on him and 0-3months clothes are huge. He is so beautiful!! We were discharged on Thursday the 17th in the afternoon.There is a very long birth story and a few complications that made it so they had to take him away right after birth so my dreams of bonding and breast feeding right after he was born were not possible. The good news is he is now healthy but required extra monitors and testing while we were there. I was so excited to hold my baby boy the day we left as it would be the first time without a IV in his head or monitor leads all over his body. Girls he is just precious and I am so very in love. I will share the details of our birth story and labor which technically started last Saturday the 12th of December. For those of you that remember I was have contractions etc but no one knew that I was not just in early labor but actual labor with failure to progress that also included back labor(ouch!)For now enjoy the pics!! ((hugs and God bless!))

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I was told it could be anytime. plus **UPDATE** on this previously posted post

I had to go in to the birthing center today because I have been having contractions that are making me down right miserable.When I went in they said I was 70% effaced and 1 cm dialated.They had us walk the halls for a half an hour and checked me again. No change, so I was sent home after they gave me somethin to help me sleep which didn't really work since my contractions keep waking me up. My contractions have been anywhere from 4 minutes apart to 15 minutes apart, all I know is about 75% of they are excruiating.This all started over 24 hours ago.I did not know that early labor would be as painful and more painful than my endometriosis.When I was at the birthing center they hooked me to the monitors and confirmed that I was having contractions.They said the baby is doing good. They said the would be shocked if I made it to my induction date on wednesday.I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow morning, if I make it that far.I will post more and update when I know more.

Had my appointment this morning and they are admitting me. My OB thinks that my very tricky /difficult cervix plus my endometriosis is the culprit to why I am having labor pains that are far greater than what I should be having for early labor.I am currently 2+ cm dilated and 90% effaced,so I did change from yesterday but considering I have been in labor since friday evening my doctor thinks that they should go ahead and admit me since I have had no sleep since thursday night due to contractions and that my cervix may be being difficult for the reasons I mentioned earlier. She said that the baby is all the way down and ready but my cervix just isn't cooperating.They want to get me in and medicated so I can get some pain relief and rest for a while. Then they will check me again and see if giving my body some relief will allow it to continue to dilate on it's on if not then they will proceed with induction. I will post when I am able but will not be taking my laptop to the birthing center so it could be a few days.((hugs)) to you all!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cannot believe were are almost there!

34 weeks 2 days

37 weeks 1 day

38 weeks 1 day

I don't think I mentioned in my last post that we now have to go in for 2 NST's (non- stress test) a week, and also our OB appointment which is now weekly.These appointments keep us very busy.Our NST's have been going well and so have our appointments except that she just cannot seem to get to my cervix to check it.She was able to feel it a bit last time enough to be able to tell that is was softening.But it was with great difficulty and pain to me.This time was excruciatingly painful and in the end she couldn't quite feel it.So I have no idea if it is changing etc.She said because his head is right there it is rotating my cervix to the back and makes it very very hard to get to.Lets just say I am defiantly not looking forward to my appointment next week. Did anyone experience this problem? One of my friends said that her OB had to dig for hers too and it made her sore for a couple of days afterwards,I am having the same problem.I want to thank everyone who shared their induction stories with me it is greatly appreciated.I think I will probably go ahead with the induction on the 16th, I felt a bit better about it when I found out that they will bring me in on the 15th to place cervidil on my cervix, which should help things along sooner and reduce my chances of a c-section.Of course I am still hoping that he decides to come on his own before then which is only 8 days from now.I can't believe how close it is. We were officially 38 weeks yesterday. I will be including belly shots with this post as I have gotten a bit behind in posting them. We have been taking them just not posting them.Well that is all that is new for right now I hope everyone is doing well.God bless you all!! Oh and on my next post I will be sharing our nursery that is being completed on a very tight budget or should I say no budget :-). I will share some of our money saving ideas and tricks we used.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies