Thursday, July 30, 2009

Appointment today,registered for baby items and daddy felt the baby kick!

Tuesday night DH felt the baby kick for the very first time.I had been feeling the baby kick and placed his hand just to show him where,not thinking even for a minute that he would be able to feel it.Than all the sudden our miracle decided to give a good kick right in the same spot.I didn't have my hands on my belly but dh had his hand on my belly and we both were like did you feel that he just kicked.I couldn't believe he felt it too.I kept asking him if he was sure and he was grinning from ear to ear saying "that was so cool!".He was positive that he felt it.So we hit another mile stone.We also have been working on another which is registering for the stuff for the baby.We have registered at target and babies r us so far.(even though babies r us is about an hour away from us)Target had very slim pickings and everything seemed to be out or low.It was so surreal being the one to create the registry not just the one to buy someone else gifts off theirs.The difficult thing is that BRU advises against registering for clothing as it tends to have a high turnover and target's scanner won't let you.So we were unable to pick out clothing for him.And there is some very cute monkey outfits out,seems to be popular this year.I have a appointment to get the results of my anatomy scan/hematoma check today.I am a bit nervous but hoping it will be good news.I will update after I get home.My appointment is at 3:00pm.I also am including a late 18 week belly shot it was actually taken when I was 18 1/2 weeks but better late than never, I am currently 19 weeks 1 day.I just looked at them and wow do I look pregnant.Haven't weighed myself lately and not sure I want to but I know tomorrow at my appointment they will.Well girls you all take care and I will post again soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The big reveal!!!

Sorry it has taken a while for me to post about this but my morning/anytime sickness has returned and I have been very queasy and puking for the last 2 days.No fun.It joined my migraines and my bad chest cold I have and made me one miserable momma.The u/s went good and we got some pics of our darling baby.I will not get the actual results until my appointment on thursday july 30th this coming week.However the tech asked us if we wanted to know the gender and we were like "of course" and as she was looking and measuring everything she got a great bottom view with legs spread.And it's a BOY! He was moving all over the place he was so active and kicking and as usual he was stroking his precious little face.In all of the u/s's that we have had since about 10 weeks he is always rubbing or touching his face,it's adorable!He likes his thumb too.Now for the other news it looks as though the hematoma may be gone,I asked the tech if she could see it and she said she didn't at all.I am cautiously optimistic that it is gone as I do know other women from my hematoma online support group that were told they couldn't find theirs just to have them show up 2 weeks later on u/s.It has been 5 weeks since they looked at mine and the majority do resolve by 20 weeks if they are going to.So anything could have happened.I am hoping that the daily prayer for the baby's safety and the healing of the hematoma has worked.When the tech was doing the measurements etc she was like he is breech right now and then later she was like now he has turned around and now he has again.He is so active which makes me feel better that he is doing well,It was kinda cool because she could tell me what was where in me so I knew if it was a foot or an elbow that was kicking or hitting me.I thought I could tell when he turned because I had a lot of pressure and aches (which she told me I was right) and she was able to let me know where some of my discomfort came from and make it seem normal by explaining why and what I was feeling.So I now know a kick from an elbow bump.It was great to watch him and be able to relate it to my sensations.Girls I am so in love and this made it so much more real! No more saying it kicked or it moved, now I can say he kicked or he moved.Next phase is naming our miracle.So in closing I would like to say I had a feeling it was a boy and even voted boy on my poll.I did not share this with DH or anyone as I did not want to suade anyone one way or another.But for some reason I kept visualizing a boy and here he is.I love him just love him!!

Here's one of his tiny feet!

Here's a good profile shot.

Here is a 3D shot of our precious baby boy,it was love at first sight,he looks so peaceful all snuggled up in there.

Here is another 3D pic in this one he has his mouth in an "O" shaped like he is saying "oh" or is ready for a bottle.We got a few other's but they are not as good because he was moving so much.

They got a good shot between his legs.This is a view from the bottom looking up.They have an arrow on the umm part we were looking for LOL.

Monday, July 20, 2009

catching up, baby now kicks!

It just occured to me the other day that I have never shared with all of you that I felt the baby move for the very first time on June 27th.I was just laying very still talking to DH and it was a feeling that I had never felt before.I described it to my OB and she said that she was pretty positive that I had felt the baby move.Which that is what I thought when it happened,DH got so exited the day when it happened.I now know for sure that was our little monkey as it happens way more often now that I am almost 18 weeks.I was 14 weeks and 3 days the very first it happened.Which is earlier than most but not unusual.The best way to describe it lately is a feeling that someone is tapping you from the inside,kinda like if you were to take your finger and tap the inside of your cheek.It doesn't hurt just a fluttery feel that happens over and over in the same spot for the moment that it is happening.But changes to a different spot the next time.The baby kicked several times in church this morning it really caught me off guard :-).I can't believe we find out what we are having in 3 days!! On a another note my mom is paying for our family and my sisters to take the Badger which is a big boat and car ferry, over to wisconsin on wednesday.We are only doing the day trip where you ride the 4 hours there and spend about 2 hours in wisconsin (manitowoc) and then you ride the 4 hours back.She thought it would be a nice to treat all of us since everyone is struggling due to the michigan economy plus there is a deal right now where kids ride free so that is 4 free passengers.And I guess we qualified for a special rate since we are doing the day trip and not taking a car.Do any of my fellow bloggers live close to there? We would arriving there at 11:00 am your time.We are getting ice cream somewhere close to the boat and then leaving after our time is up.They have activities on the boat for the adults and kids.They also have a deli and cafeteria.So it will be one big day of cruising the big lake for us.DH gets seasick so this should be interesting.We went on a cruise for our honeymoon last year and those boats are huge and he still had a problem for the first few days until he got his sea legs.Now this boat will be much smaller and it is supposed to rain so there could be rough waters.I am gonna bring the dramamine and some bags for him, just in case. ;-) Well girls I should head to bed, you all take care and God bless you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The wait is on

Waiting for this next u/s is agonizing.It is 12 days away and we are so excited to find out what we are having.It looks like the majority of you think girl.That is what we have heard a few times from our nurse since the baby's bpm runs so high.But I also know that it is not a positive indicator of gender as some boys have had high rates too.Probably like all old wives tales there is some truth in it but also a rate of incorrectness.I never did blog about our last u/s which was about three weeks ago now so here goes.I had my u/s at the birthing center simply by chance because the hospital was all booked up.Well let me tell you what a difference there was.The tech was so sweet and she showed me the screen while she was looking at the baby and said"aww look there's your baby!". She completely involved me and dh and even my boys.She showed me my hematoma and let me watch the baby for a while.She then gave both of my boys their own pic of the baby and us a whole strip of pics.It was wonderful and non stressful.She even told us the heart rate when I asked which was 173 bpm.I requested that my next u/s which is the gender one be performed at the birthing center and that is where they scheduled me YEAH!On another subject I have to say that I feel so much better now that I am off the extra meds (estrogen,PIO) I always thought how I was feeling was normal pregnancy symptoms but it wasn't.I feel like 75% better.What a difference all those extra hormones make.My hips are still sore and numb,my OB says it is most likely nerve damage and it will take time to heal.I do have to recommend getting a doppler it has been wonderful especially if you have had a scare.We ended up purchasing ours instead of renting since it would cost about the same to rent it the whole time.It actually was cheaper where I bought it from and it is the exact same one the other company rents out.Plus it's ours to keep and use for our next baby.If anyone ever wants info to the site just let me know as they had wonderful deals.We own ours for the price it costs to rent it from the other place for 5 months plus it came with a very sturdy case,2 tubes of u/s gel,free shipping and a free digital thermometer with each order over a certain amount.I do not know if they have any specials right now but they do them often. Well I guess that is it for tonight girls I will leave you with my 16 week belly shot and a picture of our monkey that was taken on 6-23-09 about 3 weeks ago (13 weeks pregnant).It will be 5 weeks total until we see him or her again, which is the longest we have ever gone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take my new poll, do you think I am having a boy or a girl

I just added a new poll just for fun.I am curious what everyone thinks I am having, a boy or a girl.Now remember genetics doesn't play into this at all.As this little miracle as well as my two precious boys are adopted, all from different families.The poll closes the day before our gender ultrasound.Tomorrow I will be posting new belly shots (16 weeks).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

gender scan scheduled!

I had my follow up doctor appointment today at which I discussed with the doctor my concerns about waiting for results.She said that it was no problem and that I could get my results sooner just by calling and that maybe her nurse was having a bad day.So hopefully that is all resolved.Also I found out that my hematoma has grown,not exactly what I wanted hear but she said it was minimal growth like 1cm but still that is big enough for me.She said it may not even be that it is growing as much as stretching as the baby grows.It is hard to know what the stinkin hematoma is doing now since my u/s was almost 2 weeks ago and those results are basically old now.We have our next u/s in 3 weeks which will put us at 5 weeks since we saw our little miracle.But this will be the big u's where we get to find out what gender our little monkey is.We are so excited and know that the time will just drag by until then.We are partially anxious to find out as we need to plan, with DH laid off and being a stay at home mom.Things are tight, so I want to start trying to get cheap baby stuff and clothes.Also the reality is I probably won't make it to my due date so we need to be prepared 3 months ahead of time which is only 2 months away.The fact that I have endometriosis puts me at risk for delivering early as well as having the hematoma.I belong to a online group of women who have hematomas and the average pregnancy length for them seems to be anywhere from 27-34 weeks.With most falling in the 30-34 range.I am not sure how my endometriosis might play into the final due date exactly.Basically I have two risk markers for early delivery and we don't know which one or if any will affect me.My doctor today told me to have all my ducks in a row 3 months before my due date so that is what I plan to do.I am hoping we can secure what we need ahead of time so that DH won't be overburdened with me, a newborn and my 2 boys plus not having the supplies we need.I really don't think I have a feeling one way or another on if we are having a boy or girl.Sometimes I think girl others I see a baby boy.My best friend is convinced I am having a girl, just because that is what she thinks,no reason behind it all lol so we will see.Well that is about it today I will keep everyone posted and will be adding a ticker to countdown until our gender u/s in three weeks.We are having it on July 23rd at 11am.Hugs to you all and thanks again for all the support and kind comments.Also I want to mention that I received a very kind and thoughtful email from a women whom I did not know this morning, it touched my heart as she was kind enough to share her story with me and pray for me and my little one.I felt so blessed to have opened that email and read her kind,reassuring,and heartfelt words.If you are reading this Allyson I want to let you know that your letter touched me.I also what to thank Gretchen for sending a cute card in which she too wrote some very kind and inspiring words that served as a great smile maker for me :-).It is always nice to get something other than a bill in the mail,especially something as sweet as that.Again hugs to you all and God bless!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies