Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still no af,but moving on..

Well AF has yet to show up.I am about 2-3 days past my normal start time.I am sure it's that darn clomid messing me up.But in other news we have moved on to another option after getting such a bad SA on DH and already knowing I have issues we have decided to move on to embryo adoption. For those who don't know it is where you receive embryos that another infertile couple has decided to donate to other infertile couples.They usually do so after they have had all the children they want or for various other reasons.Some joyous, some sad.But the decision itself to donate their embryos must be a horribly tough one.As what are ones options with left over embryos,none of them easy.As hard as it would be to give away a potential child how could you destroy them or donate them to science? But that is a very personal decision that I hope that they all find peace in whatever they choose.For us though we will be thankful to whoever makes that painful decision to give their embryos up for adoption to us and give them one more chance at life.Not that it is free at at don't let the word donation fool you.While the embryos themselves don't cost anything, the required tests such as Hep B,C HIV and other tests are the receipent couples responsability.And both couples have to have all the tests run.Also there is the cost of the fertilty drugs to get your body ready just like in IVF.Also there is the actual procedure which is IVF.Plus not to mention the U/S's and appointments,counseling,co-ordinator appts. etc.All of this adds up when you don't have infertility coverage like us.We have decided though that if we are going to rack up the bills it might as well be ones that have a higher chance of working.It really comes down to money for us since we will be getting into debt to do all this.I really was ready to bite down and ride out the IUI train but after DH's SA that really was the clincher.Plus I am not getting any younger this time around and IVF success rates go down with age.And I started down this exact road in the past, years ago only for a couple months but it didn't work.Plus years ago my RE said IVF was my best option then even without a poor SA .So with all that in mind we officially put ourselves on the waiting list.Only two couples ahead of us right now.They speculated that the time frame would be 6 months or less.So now we wait.We also have our initial appt.(counselor,co-ordinator appt.) just for this with the same place set up for the 18th of November.They will explain everything in great detail at this appt.I will keep updating on this as I get more info.

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Jen said...

I found your blog through a google alert on Embryo Adoption. My DH and I just did our first transfer with our Adopted Embryos. Blessings to you as you consider this miracle!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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