Monday, October 19, 2009

Lots of news!! Name annoucement, U/S update and calling out all lurkers :-)

Well where to begin.First I want to thank April and Michele for the goodies they sent in the mail.That was so sweet of them and I want to thank them for participating in my online baby shower that Tammy and Kami started.Here are the links to Tammy and Kami's blogs just copy and paste.( I just want to acknowledge that they are the reason for all of these blessings we have received, and of course all of you fellow kind hearted bloggers!)

Tammy's blog

Kami's blog

Michelle sent us a very much needed package of newborn diapers and the adorable moo sounds milk and cookies toy we registered for! I just know our baby will love playing with that.

April sent us a wonderful two pack of avent bottles, soothie pacifiers and a very cute soothie holder.She also included a note card with some very kind thoughts and words of encouragement.

Thank you both! You have no idea how much it means to us!!

Next I would like to ask all of my blog lurkers to come out and introduce yourself and maybe follow officially so I can get to know you and your story as well!! I am very excited to get a chance "meet" you all.

We completed our birthing classes this weekend which we both enjoyed and found to be informative.We chose to do the condensed weekend version as we never know when our little baby will decide to come.And my boys were with their dad so we would not need to find a sitter for several different days.We had a couple of long days but it was helpful.Saturday alone we attended for 7 hours straight with a break for lunch.And on Sunday we attended for 3 hours.But we now have our certificate of completion and are done and getting ready for our little miracle!

We are currently 31 weeks pregnant but here is our 29 week belly pic.DH is going to take another one tonight or tomorrow.(our official due date got moved up sooner by two days and I forgot to change my ticker until today oops!)Anyway that puts our due date 2 days closer than before wow, which they reconfirmed when they called today!

We had our OB appointment last Thursday and it went well. I am up 21 pounds (yowser!) but I am told that it is well within the normal range for where I am at in my pregnancy.Still umm yikes! We were then scheduled for a full U/S on the next day to check for fetal growth.I got the results today and they said he is doing great, yes he still has boy parts (lol), I have had them check at 3 different U/S's to avoid a surprise later :-).They said his organs look good and everything looks normal.He is now about 3.4 pounds and is in the 50% group for fetus's at his age of development.So he is officially average.Which we are definitely happy about.They also checked my cervical length again and it was good.The tech had a new tech helping her so they took lots of time to look him over and held the wand right over him on my belly without moving it for a bit and we all could see his little eyes looking around.We saw him blink and watched his actual eyeball rotate and shift from side to side as if we was trying to figure out what was going on out there and what were we all doing.It was really cool.And before that we saw him suckling it was adorable.I am so in love with this little guy!! Unfortunately we were unable to get any pics that were very good due to how he was laying with the placenta.Here are a few 1 is a face pic ,another is of both feet which are conveniently located under my ribs lol and the another is a side profile of his foot.He is currently head down pressing right against my cervix with his feet up and under my left ribs and his little bottom is on my right side.Basically he is in a "L" shape.He is very spread out and comfy I guess :-)

Now as I promised I will reveal our baby "nanners" real name (first and middle)....Can I have the envelope please? And the winner is.... Mason Matthew!!!
So there you have it our little miracle has a name besides his nick name but we still use both when we refer to him.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies