Tuesday, June 30, 2009

14 week belly shot a little late,PIO shots question and a update

HI everyone seems like it has been awhile since I posted.Partially I have been really busy playing catch up after being released from bed rest and also because my headaches have been often and intense.I had a u/s last week on Tuesday of which I have yet to get the results from.I did get the nurse to at least tell me the heart rate on the baby.And she said the doctor looked it over briefly and said everything looks ok and told the nurse that she would review the results when we came in a week and a half later.UGH! The nurse on the phone then informed me that I would no longer be getting results of my u/s's until I came in for my appointment.I was like what!!All I know is my appointments are always scheduled 1 1/2 to 2 weeks from my u/s since my OB is so busy.It just seems a bit unfair to me since by the time I get the results things could have changed (for example the size of the hematoma) and it will be old news when I receive it and time for a new u/s.Overall I am learning that the OB that may be great for yearly's and normal feminine needs may not always be the best to have when you are pregnant.She is way overbooked and way too busy.Always running behind,I think our longest wait was 2 whole hours.And now I will have no info on "my" pregnancy after the u/s until 1 and half to 2 weeks later.You would think they would like to give the stressed out pregnant mom some peace of mind and not stress her out more.So I guess I am curious for those of you that are pg how does your OB handle things like results,are you made to wait that long?? Still no luck on craigs list or any other avenue for maternity clothes.I just do get it I am in michigan of the fatest states in the nation what's with all the tiny maternity.Can't a girl get a large geez! I have considered what's happening is that that's just it that since there are more larger people that is why all the tiny clothes are left everywhere.I think the larges go fast.Which sucks for me.My body has continued to change I look different than I do in the pic I just posted.My weight has stabilized and I think I actually lost weight but my belly is still expanding.I haven't been very hungry lately.I did get my first belly rub at church from one of the elders a couple weeks ago.They were like "aww baby" rub rub rub.I am used to DH doing that but it may take a while to get used to other people just coming up and rubbing the belly.Also I know it early but I could have sworn I felt the baby move like rotate itself on saturday the 27th.It was a feeling I have never ever felt and felt like something rotated in my uterus but it was a very fluttery feel.I was laying very very still when it happened.Only time will tell as the baby moves more and it feels the same as what I felt then I will know that was what it was.I had another question for anyone that had to do PIO shots,how long did it take until you had no more pain from them.I have been off them for 2 1/2 weeks and my backside is till sore.More like it stings like someone has snapped me with a very large rubber band over and over and over again on both sides.I also have some lost feeling like it is partially numbed.Soft touches like when my hand grazes the area pulling my pants up or down feel like the area has been shot up with novacaine,like when you go to the dentist.But I am still very able to feel pain.It is very hard to explain but very scarey.I am glad that after I went off them I was better able to walk instead of waddle after about a week.I was on them for almost a month total.It was so bad at the end that my poor hip would jump or spasm when DH gave them to me.It hurt so bad it felt like my skin was blowing up like a balloon as he injected it.It stung soooo much.So I am interested in evryones else experiences with this.Well I think that is all for now girls I miss hearing from you all and hope I do soon((HUGS))

Saturday, June 20, 2009

no one told me about this

I never knew that my nails would get like this being pregnant.I don't attribute it to the prenatals as I have been on them since 1998.My nails have always grown pretty good but would break shortly after getting close to as long as these are in the picture.My nails now have been very strong and growing fast.I just wanted to share a pic with you all because right after I took it I cut them all off.It was getting impossible to type or do anything that I am used to.LOL Oh well I am sure they will be back.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

long time no post

First I would like to say thank you for all of your kind comments when I was feeling so down.Secondly modified bed rest is way easier than strict.We did end up going to that wedding on saturday and that was nice.It gave me a chance to get out and socialize but also I love to dance and I couldn't :-( I have some cute photo booth pics of DH and me and my best friend and me from the wedding as they had a photo booth where you could take pics as a keepsake. It was a really neat idea! I remain discouraged by my weight gain but I guess that happens when you are put on bed rest and are not allowed to exercise.I have a follow up appointment with my OB tomorrow.She will at that time schedule my next U/S.I am sure I won't get any more information regarding my hematoma as everytime I ask anyone (OB,the other OB,and the nurse practitioner) anything about it that always talk in circles and say "it's a wait and see thing".Which I understand that it is something they cannot predict.But it seems as though the only real info I have gotten has come from online.I am hoping that I am one of the women that has it disapear by 20 weeks ( I guess most do) a fact that I picked up online but was never told.They did however confirm it when I asked about it.I now understand why so many fellow bloggers say they miss their RE.You get such individulized attention there and ALL questions are answered with care.I sure do miss mine.My OB is overbooked and unavailable most times.My RE was a very busy man but planned his day well.I am now 13 weeks pregnant it is hard to believe.I do however have a 12 week belly shot that I will post as I do them only every 2 weeks.I will post the wedding pics after I scan them in later.Well girls I guess that is it for now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

12 weeks, first full OB appointment,feeling down and u/s results on hematoma

Well I am 12 weeks today.The baby sure looks different in my ticker now,what a change.I had my first OB appointment today at which I got the wonderful old papsmear and pelvic check.She also checked the heartbeat with a doppler which she found it imeddiately.I am jealous of their doppler as it is heavy duty and sensitive.Oh well the bigger the baby gets the easier it will be for me to find it.I did get permission to go to a wedding that we are supposed to attend on saturday,but I was instructed to take it easy,nothing crazy.As if,I haven't been feeling that good lately plus the stress of the hematoma so there is no way I would even consider anything beyond eating and maybe a couple slow dances with hubby.We have already decided we are not staying long.I have been put on modified bed rest which allows me to do a few more things but no lifting,cleaning or ummm intimate relations with dh. :-( I also have to rest often and take lots of breaks with feet up.The u/s showed that the hematoma had increased in size from 4.7 X 1.7 to 5.2 X 3.0 X 3.0. I do not know why I was not given a third measurement on the first one but I wasn't.I cried yesterday after I found out I felt like I spent 3 weeks on bed rest and it didn't get any better.Being on bedrest has brought on some depression for me, along with the frustration that nothing fits.I have tried searching craigslist and classified in my area but it seems like all the maternity clothes around me are for X-XS-M.I wish I was that small but I'm just not.Where in the world are all the women who wear L-XL maternity?? I have had plenty of time to search the web with no luck on stuff I can afford.I wish I could be out checking yard sales but I am still not allowed a ton of walking.They said they may let me go to the ZOO this summer but DH would most likely have to push me around in a wheelchair.Sorry I am so down but I have been a roller coaster ride these last 3 weeks.I have been crying more often as I miss out on things and people never come to see me.And some barely call it's as if I have just fallen off the earth.I feel forgotten at times.I don't have a lot of family and who I do have just doesn't seem concerned or like I they expect me to MC since I have before.So they don't really acknowledge my PG.Maybe me thinking that, that is what they are thinking is in my head but it sure feels that way.Sometimes I wish I had family that was supportive,that wanted to visit,to drop off a meal,that called after my appointments to see how things are.But I just don't and it hurts and I have plenty of time to think about it as I rest.On the postive the longer I make the better the chance for the baby,they said today that most of the hematomas resolve themselves by 20 weeks.I am 8 weeks away from 20 weeks so I am praying it leaves by then.If it doesn't then it will most likely stick around for the whole pregnancy and possibly cause preterm labor.My next appointment is on Monday and they will order another u/s at that time.I will everyone posted.Also lately my PIO shots have been really hurting me,like to point of crying.My skin on my hips and backside sting all the way across like a horrible sunburn (it won't go away) and when the PIO goes in lately it feels like my skin is going to burst as it burns and aches so bad.I have no idea why they have gotten so much worse expect that maybe my backside has most likely had enough.It is hard to be on bedrest when your backside hurts so much.I just can't seem to get comfortable anymore.Sorry for such a depressed post but I can't shake it right now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heard the heartbeat on our home doppler!!

I just had to post to say that we heard the hearbeat and saw it on the display for the very first time tonight at 11:45pm.Up until now we had trouble finding it and knowing if it was mine our the baby's but this time it was unmistakable since it was beating twice as fast as mine and the display said 171 just like the u/s today said it was 171.Now we know our doppler works.I know we were trying a bit early before but I had read about people finding it earlier than 12 weeks so we thought we would try.Up until now it has been unsuccessful.We started trying at 10w or so.I do have to say to anyone that is considering a doppler that they can be a bit tricky and it takes patience and practice so don't give up.((HUGS))

Monday, June 8, 2009

waiting to hear the results from the OB

I had another u/s today and as usual they are not allowed to tell you anything.I had a VERY scary moment when I thought I did not see a HB or movement.I laid there thinking the worst watching the tech work and she kept taking pictures so fast that even DH said it made it hard to see. She would not sit still for too long on any one view.(plus she really didn't have the screen pointed my way at all,I had to turn my head to see it even a little)I finally piped up and asked DH since my heart was racing and I prepared myself for the worst"did you see the baby move at all?" to whch he replied "yup".I was so scared girls, I can't even tell you.I am always scared before an u/s.I am half excited and half scared.I never speak in the car on the way there partially because I am mentally preparing myself for things not to go well.DH has noticed this and has begun to ask brief questions like "are you doing ok?" and brief statements like "I love you".I always give brief answers so I can quickly retreat into my inner thoughts.So here is what I know atleast until the doctor calls as relayed by dh,the baby was sucking it's thumb when they first started looking at it.He said he saw the baby jump around and it's HB.She went so quick today that he thinks the measurements were 5.17 cm and HB of 171.We will know for sure when they call either today or tomorrow.Also I will finally know if the hematoma shrank,stayed the same or has gotten larger.I will also know if I am off of bedrest, still on strict bedrest, or on moderate bedrest.I will update everyone as soon as I get the call. Also we got some pics from today that i will post later.I did see the baby rubbing/touching its face today which warmed my heart.That was after I asked about movement, I think the tech tried to comfort me my slowing for a second so I could see.

Monday, June 1, 2009

OB appointment today and new u/s pics

I had my follow up appointment today and it went really good.I have another appointment at the hospital to check on the hematoma and the baby in a week.I also have my full OB workup appt on the 10th plus another appointment a few days after that.I guess I will be seen a lot lately, which is comforting.I love seeing our little monkey on u/s.We got to see our little monkey today and he/she was jumping around, kicking,waving its arms and doing summersaults. Very very active , which is so comforting.Then we got a pic of it sucking its thumb (top pic).We also saw it lounging with its arm above its head when we first started the u/s that was how it was laying. Then all of the sudden our monkey realized we were there to see him/her and began showing off for us.It was adorable.I am still on estrogen,PIO and bedrest.Although I was given permission to sit outdoors as much as I want as long as I am sitting with feet up.She said I can go to the occassional movie or dinner. But that is it.And to keep it very minimal.So that is the update for now baby is doing very good and the bleeding has been gone for over a week.Praise God!Thank you for all the continued support and prayers.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies