Friday, November 21, 2008

Went looking for answers

So after my lovely experience I decided to contact the other foster care agency here,a private smaller one.I got a hold of the lady who was very very nice,I proceeded to ask her about their program and qualifications for it.I was very upfront about what was going on and asked flat out if there was a minimum years they required you to be married to foster she acted surprised and said a confident"No".I said well this is what I was told by agency "X" and they have they will not license us due to this.She seemed down right surprised.I told her all of it from the beginning and her comments were always very surprised like"really" "I'm surprised" and "that is confusing to me" were some of her comments.These 2 places work together from time to time due to linked cases so they all know of each other.Simply stated she also said that if it's their policy there would be proof(on paper) and no guessing on time frames etc from them.She was surprised that if it was a decision made from a policy that no time length was ready to be given to me on the phone when the call was placed.She did not want to say much as they are people she will have to work with at some point but she did not disagree that I was being blacklisted.And she agreed that all it would take for them to be angry is how they found out about us splitting,even though it isn't right.She however is going to send me paper work and an application in the mail to see if we can't get us licensed through them.(For the record she has never known or heard of agency "X" to have a minimum years married requirement.)This alternative agency is much stricter than agency "X" and they don't care how long married hmmm go figure. She did say that once I apply she will have to request my old file from them I said that is perfectly fine by me and once you get it maybe you could shed some light on this.Because as far as my days parenting for them I have nothing to hide, we were one of their favorites with them trying to place kids with us all the time, to the point of excess(4 kids under the age of 3 all in diapers all at once,that was a busy time).When I knew of licensed parents that had no placements but they were not calling them.And we were still getting calls.I once had an insider tell me we were at their top of their preferred call list.Problem is where I live is small so you know how that goes gossip etc that was all it took after that worker saw my ex at the networking site.Oh did I forget to mention the most enlightening part, that I know her from high school(yes the worker that contacted my ex online) ,ahh yes and she was a gossiping trouble maker then.Some people never change.Even when they are supposed to be professionals.So I am telling my ex what happened he says "oh you know what she just recently tried contacting me again a few weeks ago but I deleted it and never answered".Hmmmm What is she poking around for?? Well with any luck I will never ever have to deal with them again.Besides this new lady was wonderful and very understanding and her and I have a common friend.Don't worry it's my best friend so no drama there :-)The lady did say more but for obvious reasons I don't want to say too much on here and get anyone in trouble.But it is very safe to say she thinks it is very fishy. Well I should finally get to bed hugs to all and God Bless!


Nichole said...

Good for you! I hope that this move to the over agency works out well! Maybe it was a God thing for you to not work with the other agency for some reason?!

KandiB said...

Goodness! So'd think they'd be excited to place with someone who has experience with the foster system and adoption. Hang in there!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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