Monday, November 30, 2009

Well here it is and I am looking for opinions...

I had my appointment today and it went well. My blood pressure was down by 19 points for the top number and 2 for the bottom compared to a week ago. I am back into the realm of normal for me now.Also my weight which has to be a fluke is down my ten pounds from a week ago. My feet look better and my skin is not as tight feeling.The results from my blood work all looked good but the results from my 24 hour urine were mediocre.Apparently normal is 100 or below and preclamptic is 300 or higher. I however was 189 as of thanksgiving day.So that puts me in grey area which also means I am creeping towards preeclampsia.They plan to watch me close.Also they scheduled me for induction on December 16th only 16 days away. It isn't completely necessary at this point but I think they fear it will be with my urine numbers rising. She said they usually do schedule inductions around the holidays when a due date is so close to them. My actual due date is December 21st.I am not sure how I feel about being induced or if I want it to happen that way. The planner in me likes being able to plan for someone to watch our dogs and house and my boys.Also I like knowing he will be here for sure for Christmas and will not have a christmas eve or christmas day birthday that he hates having.I also fear that maybe the longer I wait my chances of getting preeclamptic will rise.The other part of me wants something during this pregnancy to happen naturally. It can be a bit hard when you undergo invitro, suffered IF and MC's to feel like a completely normal pregnant woman.I have heard that being induced is much more painful and tiring on the mom.The doctor told me that we can always cancel the induction so here I sit unable to commit to either side this is where all you girls come in. Please share with me any and all induction knowledge you have even if it isn't you directly, it could be a sister,friends,cousins, an in law or your own experience.Or anything you know or have learned about it.I also welcome your opinions as I need help making this huge decision unless baby boy makes it for me and comes before then which I am hoping he will.I am scared and nervous and don't want to make the wrong decision so feel free to email stories or post them in the comments. My email is on my page sidebar.Hugs to you all and I look forward to your input.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Appointment coming up on monday and latest visit to the birthing center in the middle of the night

So recently I have found myself at the birthing center twice to be monitored.The first time I was having contractions and braxtons all day and of course by the time I could have the boys dad come get them it was 12:30 am and I didn't show any signs of contractions anymore when hooked up to the monitors.That was about 3 weeks ago or so now.They checked my cervix which looked good but my urine did show I was slightly dehydrated.The latest trip was a week ago this time it was because my feet had been swelling so bad for the 3 days prior that I seriously did not recognize them anymore.They looked broken they were so puffy and round.When DH called the birthing center and asked them about my symptoms etc they asked him several questions to ask me and then asked me to come in and be seen. So that was another trip in the middle of the night. While I was there they noted the swelling and said I had the beginnings of pitting starting on part of my feet.(it is where you push on the skin and it doesn't bounce back right away)They also hooked me to the monitors and said baby boy looked really good.My urine came back and they said I was VERY dehydrated and that I also have some protein in my urine.My blood pressure has risen again but is not preeclamptic yet.They released me with instructions to call my doctor and to drink plenty of fluids which honestly I have been trying to do all along. Part of the problem I think is I just can't drink as much as they would like me to due to my horrible acid reflux even water burns and shoots back up my throat filling my mouth which in turn I have to spit out as it tastes like acid.Or it just causes me to throw up, I never know which will happen.When I talked to my doctors office this week they said they were concerned by my rise in blood pressure while it is not overly high for most people it is for me. I have always had very low blood pressure.They also were concerned about the water retention,protein in my urine and dehydration.They then ordered me a full blood work up, urine analysis and a 24 hour urine analysis.The nurse said I am creeping towards preeclampsia.I had the labs done and then did the 24 hour urine which I turned in on thanksgiving. I have an appointment on monday for my 37 week appointment and to review my labs.I will update everyone as so as I find out what my doctor has to say about it all.Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Only 23 days to go girls if I make it that long, where has the time gone? ((HUGS)) and God bless!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I didn't know before I was pregnant...

I didn't know that getting dressed and putting on socks and shoes would become such a chore.

I didn't know that the small things would cause me to become winded and out of breath.

I didn't know that I would have mysterious pains that even when asked medical professionals would not be able to explain.

I didn't know that finding a comfortable position to sleep in would be next to impossible.

I didn't know that I would be up every 2-3 hours to pee every night for the entire pregnancy and that I would learn to go on auto pilot to make it to the bathroom in the dark.

I didn't know that using the bathroom and wiping afterwards would be so difficult.

I didn't know that getting up from any laying or sitting position would become such a huge production.

I didn't know that I would find that picking things up off the floor would be so uncomfortable and painful that in many cases I will just leave it instead of picking it up.

I didn't know that I would have acid reflux so bad that I feel as though a jalapeno is sitting in the back of my throat for hours.

I didn't know it was possible to aspirate in your sleep and that it was so scary.

I didn't know that I would come to know a new kind of laziness and complete exhaustion.

But on the flip side of what I didn't know........

I didn't know that I would love someone so much that I have yet to meet.

I didn't know that I would embrace all of the misery just to be able to see your precious face and hold you.

I didn't know that all it would take is a few kicks from you and I would forget my discomforts for a while.

I didn't know that I would enjoy talking to someone so much that can't answer me back.

I didn't know that seeing your older brothers being so excited for your arrival and them already thinking of you and your needs would touch my heart so much and make me so proud of the wonderful boys they are becoming.

I didn't know that your daddy would be as excited as me for your arrival and enjoy looking at and picking things out for you with a huge grin on his face.

I didn't know that no matter where I am or what I am doing I would never feel alone while you are in my belly.

I didn't know that hearing your heartbeat would be such sweet music that I can't get enough of.

I didn't know that seeing you on ultrasound would be so incredibly beautiful.

I didn't know that I would come to fall in love with your daddy even more as we prepare and wait for your arrival.He has become so attentive and patient to my needs while I am pregnant with you.

I didn't know that being pregnant with you would go by so very fast.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies