Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 2 year wedding anniversary to the man I love

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary.Although we already celebrated it this weekend since it fell on a work day for DH.We decided that we would go to dinner at one of our favorite places Romanos Macaroni Grill which is an hour from where we live.They have awesome Italian food.It was my older two boys weekend with their daddy and we just ended up taking Nanner with us, since we didn't have a sitter.Which was just fine by us and felt right since last year at this time we were on bed rest after our bleeding scare and threatened miscarriage thinking we were gonna lose him. So having him there with us made it more of a celebration.We had a wonderful time.We went during the off time so it wouldn't be busy which was great! The two guy waiters were all talking to Nanner and asking about him, it was cute!.We even got our waiter to take our picture! Nanner really seemed to enjoy the sights and sounds! After we had dinner we stayed in Grand Rapids for a while to look for a couple of christian music cd's that DH wanted to get me, that I had been wanting for a while.After some light shopping and window shopping we headed towards home but decided to stop off in Grand haven and take a late walk instead.We walked and talked and reminisced. Grand Haven has always been special since it is where we used to walk a lot when we were first dating and it is also where 90% of our outdoor wedding pics were taken that you see on my blog page.The beach/pier ones in particular.All in all it was a wonderful night.It was just the way we would have done it low key.

This is one of our favorite places to eat!

Nanner joining us at the table.

The pic that Max our waiter took of all of us.(yes I seem to have a way of always asking people in public to take pics lol,if you remember the Panera bread pic from when I met with my blogger girls)

This is our little gnome all bundled up on our walk because we had a very,very cool Michigan night dare I say high 50's,plus we were next to the lake, just before a crazy hot 92 degree day the next day.Ahh only in Michigan!! (p.s. battynurse if you recognize the blanket it's cause it's the one you sent us and made, he loves it!Thank you again!, the printed side is down so it may be hard to tell, I didn't use your real name since I didn't know if you share it online or not)

Oh how do I love this man!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our next baby

While I was still pregnant DH and I had already decided that we wanted our children to be close together and that we would not wait too long between transfers so our next transfer would be sooner rather than later after nanner was born.We had decided a few months ago that we wanted to aim for an early fall transfer but that is tenative of course.So that is our plan. For those of you who I haven't shared this with on the phone already, now you know why I have been in such a hurry to lose weight.I want the old weight off before new weight comes on for a more comfortable, healthy pregnancy. I don't want to keep adding new weight and become so unhealthy that I cannot enjoy my children. So far the incentive of the next transfer is working as I have lost 26 pounds and am only 13 pounds from my prepregnancy weight.My goal weight however is my pre fertility med weight which is 32 pounds away. I do believe I can achieve it as I have lost 26 pounds in only about 2 1/2 months.I am almost half way there as of today!When we discussed the next transfer I decided that 2 goals needed to be met if we were to proceed and they were me getting my weight down ( my cholesterol was elevated for the first time in my entire life too) and also we wanted to wait and see if the temp job that DH has been working would hire him in(they have been very,very selective on who they have retained over the last few months).I am proud and excited to say that DH just called to to say that they gave him his hire in application/papers! While this is not his dream job or even close to what he was making before his layoff it is still a job with benefits and we are thankful to God above for it.It seems as though God is making everything come together for us once again.We are working on coming up with the money for the transfer and meds.I guess we could hope that the insurance that we get with this new job has some infertility coverage (doubtful since most don't cover infertility).We are planning on a couple yard sales with all the money being put into our "baby fund" we also save all our returnable soda can money and put that in there too.And of course we have been putting small amounts of money in there from DH's check as we can.I am hoping that God will help us achieve the goal we need to pay for the meds and the transfer as it seems as thought it is all starting to come together for the other two goals.As excited as I am about this next transfer I am also scared. I am scared it won't work, I am scared that we won't come up with the funds we need for the transfer and meds, I am scared that if it does work I may end up with complication like last time or worse.I guess these are all normal fears and I need to think positive that God will see me through like he did before.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies