Friday, November 14, 2008

Feeling blessed and inspired by the goodness of others

I sure do appreciate the words of encouragement that I get from the wonderful women on here.DH and I are also feeling very inspired and blessed after an offer came in from a fellow blogger to donate her left over meds to me if I end up needing some of the same ones for my embryo transfer/adoption.Her and I figured out we have the same RE.I am hoping like crazy that the meds she has will be what I need as what a blessing that would be.We have dove into all of this after paying for a wedding , and we are umm still paying for our May 2008 wedding.I sure wish they would make insurance companies cover some of if not all of infertility .I know some do,ours does not.Another consideration on why to move forward even though it's expensive is I know that time is not on my side as I will turn 32 in January. The chance is higher for successful embryo transfer the younger you are and when you hit 35 it takes a steep step down. So we figure we really don't have time to waste especially since I don't want to wait for the endometriosis that I had removed to grow back because it will ,it always does.Plus we just are ready now.I hope that I get a chance to feel a baby kick or see it for the first time on ultrasound.I am sure you all can relate.I will not mention who it is but I want her to know that her kindness and generousity has touched my heart. Even if the meds she has will not be what I need I will never forget her kindness.God Bless you all.

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Tiffany said...

That is FANTASTIC. I have some buddy group members that have donated meds to me. They are a life saver. We could have never gone through the last cycle or the upcoming cycle without these wonderful friends. Have you tried running the drugs through insurance? You might be surprised... some of mine were covered. Not the stimulation drugs, but the estrogen and progesterone might be. I have some estrace and vaginal progesterone if you need it. Hugs!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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