Monday, January 12, 2009

We celebrated my birthday on saturday and talked to the office about needing an hcg shot

We celebrated my 32nd birthday on saturday with a date, we went to eat at olive garden and went to see the movie marley and me.The movie was both sad and funny, I had a warning that it had sad parts in it as I remember reading about it when our fellow blogger Erin from hoping for.......wrote about it.But I still was not prepared on one part in particular and I am sure Erin can guess which part.(I agree Erin,it was so sad)I was so choked up and afraid to breath or I would cry.Don't get me wrong it was a good movie just sad and deep in many ways, the title by no means gives any hint of all of the issues they cover in it.No real news here just waiting for AF so we can start getting an idea of timeline in March.I can't believe that we are about half way into january already time just keeps going.Now that my birthday is gone so are the holidays I am sure it will slow down.But in just about a month there's valentines day.Does anyone have anything special planned for valentines day? Well I talked to my doctors office and they said that they rarely ever get people donating HCG shots as people only need one and usually use it so there goes the idea that I may be able to swap out my ovidrel and clomid for an HCG if someone turned one into them.Since we have no coverage for fertility meds at all (or anything else)I have been hoping that was going to be an option.Since now I will not be using those meds and need the other instead.I spent about $100.00 on something I will never use.Ouch!! On average what did you my fellow bloggers without insurance pay for your HCG shot?


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

happy late bday! mine is on sunday!!

oh, that part in marley and me. i nearly was hard to breathe. i agree it was a great movie..i hope my post made your bring kleenex!!

that stinks that you have no prescription ins. :( our stuff has been pretty expensive even with insurance. i should get the call tomorrow about how much ALL the IVF drugs will cost..dreading that.

have a good week, hun!

Tiffany said...

Novarel (my HCG shot) was $36 on Freedom Fertility with FREE shipping. They are great!

Mimi said...

I was going to second Freedom Pharmacy, they have great prices!!! You and I will be cycle buddy's!! Here's hoping to babies in March!!


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My snowflake items
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