Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving right along

Well AF is here so that meant I had to go get bloodwork done, they wanted me to go have it drawn on either day 1-3 of my cycle.So I went and did that yesterday which I never enjoy due to my very small veins that like to twist.Either way she proceeded to take 11 vials of blood ( holy cow!) from me and my hand went numb and I couldn't feel it even for a bit after she finished.I knew I had a lot they were running but sheesh.DH got his drawn too but only had 4 vials drawn.Anyway that is all that's new on the IVF news. We are hanging in there hubby has been pretty down today as we tried to apply for his unemployment etc.


Kriss said...

Just thinking about you and your upcoming journey. I am also sorry your husband got laid off. I hope he can get his unemployment and then find an even better job. Hugs!! I know easier said than done but try not to stress and enjoy this time he gets to be home with you!!! -kriss

Dan and Gretchen said...

I was reading your post to my husband this morning, and we both had to chuckle about the blood draw...it does seem a bit excessive doesn't it. It all seems like a distant memory for us, so before you know it you'll be coming down the home stretch.

Best wishes...and good luck w/the unemployment!!!

Mimi said...

I'm sorry for the crazy amount of blood they took from you two. I am so sorry about your hubby. I hope he can get unemployment.


amanda said...

praying that things go well.

Antonia said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I will be saying prayers for you and your hubby that things go well for you. I do understand loss through a m/c. Hubby and I went through that last year. Please feel free to contact me as well anytime. :) Take care!


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My snowflake items
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