Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad news...DH may be getting laid off permanently

Please if you can say a prayer for us as DH may be getting laid off permanently.He just told me last night and seeing as he is the sole provider for the family it will hit us hard.He was supposed to find out tonight at work (he works 2nd shift) but he called and said all they have said so far is about 80 jobs are being cut which is a third of the total jobs.Ouch! It's a union shop so it is all done on seniority and even if you get missed someone can bump you out of your job if they have been there longer.(he has only been there just under 3 years) We will hopefully find out tomorrow but no later than Friday.DH was adamant that he wanted to press on with the embryo transfer in March no matter what since so many things have fallen into place before this.But what I am scared of is affording it and everything that goes with it.I know I need to be strong for him and try not to get stressed out, but how? We have some of our meds covered but not all.And we have put some money down and gotten somethings out of the way (like the mock transfer) but not all .It is so hard to be this close but feel like it may slip away.......I'm sad and scared girls.

ps.Those ovulation predictor coupons are still available if there is anyone who wants them.


Dan and Gretchen said...

Hang in there. My husband lost his job when I was 8 weeks pregnant, and things still aren't looking up for us!!! Trust that God won't leave you with confusion, and just keep praying.

I too am very scared, but throwing myself into a panic isn't going to change things, so I'm trying to just stay calm.

Nichole said...

Oh sweetie - I am SO sorry! I will be praying for you and DH! I can't imagine how stressful this is for you and DH.

BIG HUGS coming your way - keep us posted!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

oh no! i hope this was just a scare and he still has a job! ill be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I will most definately say a prayer for you and your husband. My brother thought for sure that he was getting laid off last week but he's still there and he's only been working there for about 3 years.

Thanks for stopping my my blog, and yes I had a bowel resection last March. It was not fun, I was in the hospital for 5 days and it took about 6 weeks for me to get back on my feet. I'm still not 100% - the reason I need a colonoscopy. You're right, the prep was awful.

I hope everything works out for you guys. I will most definately be checking back with ya.

hopefaithlove said...

So sorry, Praying for you guys!

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