Friday, January 9, 2009

More info on the pros of our smaller set of embies

So we officially accepted the set of embryos even though it was small.But soon after doing so we found out the next set that may become available behind them is only 5 so only 2 more.The set of 5 would not be available to us anyway unless the other 2 couples ahead of us in line turn them down.Which partially happened before,because 1 couple turned them down (they wanted a larger set) and the other accepted them but after looking deeper into the couples actual address the office had to tell them "that they were sorry but since they lived within 30 miles of a living child created from the embryos they could not allow them to accept that set".I felt so bad after hearing that but also know that rules are there for a reason and I would have to accept the same terms if it happened to me.So while I am excited for us I am sad for the couple who had to be turned down on these precious embies.We just cannot get past how quickly they became available to us after we were expecting such a long wait.We had prayed daily and believe that it is truly an answered prayer.We know that there are pros and cons to accepting a smaller set but for us at this point the pros seem to outweigh the cons.Some of them are since they will be transferring all 3 there will be no leftover to pay storage fees on $95.00 for about 3 months,the previous recipient already paid the FDA fees so we are excluded since these are re donated which shaves off $945.00,also as far as timing I had my last Laproscopy to clean out of endo just over a year ago along with a hysterscopy so my body will be better ready for this now instead of waiting plus paying more money for more surgery in a couple years when it has to be cleaned out again,it was also save us money as they are going to use the scope pics from that surgery instead of doing a new scope since it was so recent(which they do to check your uterus ahead before IVF) which helps there since our insurance covers nothing I mean nothing fertility related, not even blood work,also I have 1 of my meds being donated to me straight to my office for this from a wonderful woman I met on here ( I can't thank her enough),my appointment month is the same month my husband gets his vacation time so he can be there and be home to take care of me on my bed rest,this set also is a proven set there has been babies born from it and so far in thawing only one has been lost.I know that out of all 3 couples the first which was the bio parent got pregnant first try after transferring 2 with twins and sadly lost one twin and had a baby boy,first recipient tried 2 times-thawed 2 transferred 2 got a no pregnancy,thawed 3 transferred 2 one didn't make it and no pregnancy, 3rd couple thawed 3 transferred 3 and got pregnant first try I do not know how many babies they had (just had the baby or babies in 08) I was going to see if I could find out.But either way these seem to be hardy embies to survive thawing to produce pregnancies. So I am very hopeful and just am planning on it working.In the spirit of that and my up and coming bed rest I have taken on all the things that DH is not going to let me do once we do the transfer and I end up pregnant. So let the cleaning out and organizing begin. The biggest pro of all we can start sooner than later the only con is less tries but we will just get back on the list.But both DH and I feel very good about this and know this is the right choice.God bless you all.


Mimi said...

I am so excited for you honey!!! It is happening!!! I will pray for sticky beans!!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

congrats on choosing your embryos! that much be a huge sigh of relief.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies