Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am better with deadlines I guess

Well seeing as we have our plans for our embryo transfer getting closer each week I have set goals for myself to complete around the house in order to be in that good calm mental place and so DH is perfectly capable of running the house without me for a few days or longer if I get pregnant.Since he has already said that he will be restricting me if we , I mean when we get a BFP.Which includes none of the sorting and heavy lifting that I have been doing.We have 12 semi steep steps leading to our basement which is where our laundry area is located so every time I do a load I have to balance the basket of clothes and maybe try to hold the handrail.I am, you see a bit accident prone, I am not sure why, but at least when it comes to stairs.When I was still with my ex husband I fell down every flight of stairs in that house at least once(sometimes twice) doing myself great bodily harm on more than one occasion.In that house I had 18 very steep stairs to the upstairs, 4 to my bedroom, (and if you turned then continued 8 to the basement, laundry located down there too) and 5 very large cement steps to enter the home.I have a scar from stitches on the back of my head under my hair where I fell down the 4 to my bedroom, I don't think I have to tell you how messy head wounds are luckily I was able to call for help before I almost passed out.I also have a scar on my knee from falling down the entry stairs of the house,I cracked my kneecap and was on crutches for months and was missing a thick chunk of skin the size of a quarter.The doctor had to yank to get the sides to come back together as he stitched.EEK! I also broke my foot on the stairs to the basement there.The only flight that I did not get stitches on or break something was you guessed it the largest set that went up stairs.I think it was due to how I fell and the fact that I made like a sled once I lost my footing and went rigid down on my back rode it out till I got down.I certainly had a ton of bruises to show for it but no stitches or broken bones.And now in this home with my new husband I have already fallen down the 4 very large wooden steps that go out to our garage this past summer, luckily no broken bones only very ugly bruises.So you can see where me and my husbands cautiousness comes from. So beyond me needing to be very careful and cutting down what I do around here after transfer I just wanted to have my ducks in a row as far as long over due projects so that I can be on a calm bed rest.I finally got my wedding pics into the 5 collage frames and hung them in our hallway last night.I also finally cleaned out our jam packed front closet which still contained stuff from our May wedding.You can actually can get the vacuum in there now(first time ever since we bought the house 14 1/2 months ago). We went from moving in just before Halloween,trying to unpack, then came all the other holidays,to planning a wedding and it was chaos ever since so now I am finally making myself do stuff that I haven't gotten around to.Heck I still have 2 dress's to get dry cleaned my wedding dress and my formal from our cruise we went on for our honeymoon.Yes I do procrastinate but being a mom also takes up a lot of my time.I also finally gathered all of my scrap booking materials that I have purchased and you guess it never done anything with but I figure that can wait because it may be a wonderful bed rest activity.I also need to still put my wedding and honeymoon photos in albums.There are various other activities that I finally finished like make my 2 sons their tie fleece pillow and blanket sets ( I got them on clearance last April....yes I know took me long enough)They love them.I also finished a breast cancer blanket( just bought that one a couple weeks ago) in honor of DH's grandma that passed away from the disease just weeks before we were married.He helped me with that one ( and with one of the others) I think it felt good for him to participate in something in her honor that I will use on a daily basis. We did a 5k walk in her honor on our honeymoon too .I have been working on my boy's rooms etc too.I just want things to be very smooth running by the time I can't do everything as I am accustomed to being able to do. I am very independent and stubborn sometimes.I know that anyone who reads my blog may be surprised to hear me mention my sons,please don't think it is because I don't love them as I do with all my heart.But I also am very protective of them.Being they are adopted from foster care it is not the same situation as traditional adoption where the parents make the choice to give their baby up for adoption.It has been years now since I became their mother youngest is 3 oldest is 5 maybe there will come a time soon where I feel safe enough to share them more with all of you.Believe me they are so worth sharing.We were partially drawn to embryo adoption because it was another form of adoption but it would give me the opportunity to go through the pregnancy and would continue to allow my children to not feel that anyone was better than the other because one was biological (my sons are not from the same bio parents either)and the other wasn't.(I have adopted friends and family members that have struggled with feelings of this and it weighed heavily on my mind when we were trying to conceive) So instead of doing traditional IVF which in truth does cost more this seemed like the perfect solution to add to our already wonderful family that GOD has hand picked for me to be a part of.DH does not care how he becomes a father he just wants to hear someone call him daddy plus I have always known I wanted more kids (my ex is a wonderful ,active father to our boys and that is who their father is, my husband in no way wants to infringe upon that so they only call him Bryan).So I will continue to chip away at my mental "to do" list in hopes of keeping myself busy since I hate this waiting part, but also to get myself all ready and settled come go time.Next project is the basement.......Yes I will hold the handrail ;-)


Mimi said...

That is so funny that you posted this (minus all the injuries) I was just painting the bathroom (in our condo that we have lived in for two years) That was the final room and we just never got to it. I decided to paint it now before I become pregnant because I know my husband wouldn't do it! Also, I am taking a day off in February right before my IVF cycle to spring clean the entire condo so I don't have to worry about anything! I just thought it was too cute that someone else is doing exactly what I am doing!!! Too funny! Good luck and stay away from those stairs!


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Found your blog through Proud Mommy of Four and just had to de-lurk to tell you what an amazingly beautiful bride you were. Honestly, I could not envision a more perfect dress if I tried. It must have been a wonderful day.

I took some time to read your posts and understand more about what you and your husband are going through. I sincerely hope that all goes well for you with getting pregnant. You seem like a very deserving couple. :)


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My snowflake items
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