Thursday, February 12, 2009

Waiting for a call

Well I still don't have an answer on whether or not we will be still proceeding with our transfer using this cycle.I called again today just to find out that our donor co ordinator will not be in until either tomorrow or monday.I did talk to one of the other nurses there and they are not sure if I will be allowed to proceed since it would be about 3-5 days under the time limit for waiting for the 30 days to pass after the vaccine. They were unable to get me answers either as both doctors were not in.So here I wait for the call.As soon as I get the call and if they decide it's still happening I have to race to the office an hour away and have an ultrasound to check my lining.So I am basically on call tomorrow unable to make any other plans as they do not know when they are gonna call me.Of course when I heard we may have to wait another month or so depending if AF cooperates, it broke my heart and I have been teary most of today as I was very much looking forward and counting down to this.


Leslie Laine said...

I hate the waiting part of IF. It seems like that's most of what we do! Hang in there - I know this will happen for you at just the perfect time.

Meredith Jeannette said...

The waiting really does feel like forever. My prayers and thoughts are with you!

Michele said...

The waiting sucks so much. It's like one giant hurry-up-and-wait game. And the flexibility in scheduling... I dont know what I'd do if I wasnt the boss and able to set my own schedule. You never know from one minute to the next what you'll be doing.

I'm crossing my fingers that things work out for you!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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