Tuesday, February 10, 2009

getting myself ready

So we are officially in the end wait time before the transfer.We are at about 3 weeks actually less and I think I am still in disbelief at how fast this is coming up and that it is actually becoming reality.DH has been helping clean out the basement and a few other things since he was laid off from work.So we have learned to look on the bright of this as best we can such as the fact that he will be here an able to go to the transfer and when I am on bed rest to take care of me and the boys and our 2 young dogs.So no need to try to find outside help "whew" which would have been a friend most likely.I am not real crazy about bringing someone in that I will feel I have to "entertain" and worry how clean the house is when I am supposed to be resting, so this is perfect.I am most comfortable with DH and he knows pretty much how things run around here.Well I went for my shots last week but after I got into see the nurse she looked up my record and said my tetanus shot was still good for a couple more years so there was no need to get that.YEA! But the rubella was awful she seemed like she had been doing this for years but was at a point where she should quit due to age.She kept dropping things on the floor and kept forgetting what I told her.My heart goes out to her but it was a bit scary having her come at me all shaky with a loaded needle.She used a spring loaded retractable needle but did not wait until after she pulled it out to hit the retract button. So it was all the way in my arm and she hit it and the needle jerked very quickly out of my arm which hurt so bad!!I told my friend from childhood about this as she is a MA and she was appalled that she would do such a thing.She said that type of needle is only made that way to prevent sticks to the person giving it and that it is not meant to retract until you are completely out of the patient.This came up because I told her how bad my arm was still hurting and how bad the shot it self hurt and she said that because of the way the lady did it was going to hurt more during and after.I was like great, she told me to keep cold compresses on it and that it was probably going to get a decent size bruise and it sure did! Well I have some better news because of our lay off situation they only had me pay the administration fee and not the shot fee so it was a blessing.Well I am getting sleepy so it is time for me to head off of here for tonight.


Mimi said...

I am so excited for your upcoming IVF!!! We will be close togther!!! Woo hoo!


Michele said...

Good luck! We have an IUI tomorrow so hopefully this will be our month for both of us!

G & H said...

How exciting! I am new to your blog and so glad I found it as I'm sure we have lots in common! Beautiful wedding pics too btw! We have our first IUI this cycle but much waiting to come as I am on day 5 so...here's to BFP for us both!!!!

Leslie Laine said...

Great to hear that things are moving along well - I can't wait to hear all about it! Am very excited for you!!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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