Monday, February 2, 2009

Shots today

So I talked to the health department and wow shots aren't cheap, but I need to has this done so off I go to get poked.But the bonus is I may be getting two pokes.Ah yes not one but two sticks by my friend the needle as it seems my tetanus shot has expired now too. I talked to my RE's office after I was looking at my inoculation record card and realized that it was out of date, and asked if that was okay to get before the transfer.The nurse said it looks like it may be permitted in some stages of pregnancy but if they will let me have both that would best.Ugh...Um thank you may I have another, comes to mind.But I know this is all for the best.Looks like I will be getting my MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) shot which will cost $62.00 and a tetanus shot which version I am not sure yet.There are 2 one is $34.00 and it has tetanus and diphtheria the other version costs $50.00 and has tetanus,diphtheria and something else in it.The receptionist at the health department said it depends on what the nurse decides I need and that is what I will get.So while we were at the store today and I was brainstorming about good sources of iron it came to me and DH that it would be wise to buy some ensure shakes as they have iron, protein and tons of other good stuff for you.So I did but I am trying the store brand chocolate ones as they were quite a bit cheaper.He was all for it wanting to make sure I am as healthy as possible before the transfer.I still have some things I want to get done around here,the basement is still calling my name.DH is taking on some projects that have been neglected while he was working such as installing towel rods for the bathroom that we bought over a year ago,caulking the tub, and painting the walls in the hallway to the basement.There are a few more things that he wants to get done too.


Lisa said...

Nothing is cheap anymore and to be honest nothing is easy either. Isn't getting pregnant suppose to be easy?!?

Good Luck.


Tiffany said...

Best of luck, you are on your way, not too much further!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Like Tiffany said, you are definitely on your way. Don't wear yourself out trying to accomplish "everything." Most important in all of this is that you are healthy and rested.

Be well!


My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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