Thursday, July 2, 2009

gender scan scheduled!

I had my follow up doctor appointment today at which I discussed with the doctor my concerns about waiting for results.She said that it was no problem and that I could get my results sooner just by calling and that maybe her nurse was having a bad day.So hopefully that is all resolved.Also I found out that my hematoma has grown,not exactly what I wanted hear but she said it was minimal growth like 1cm but still that is big enough for me.She said it may not even be that it is growing as much as stretching as the baby grows.It is hard to know what the stinkin hematoma is doing now since my u/s was almost 2 weeks ago and those results are basically old now.We have our next u/s in 3 weeks which will put us at 5 weeks since we saw our little miracle.But this will be the big u's where we get to find out what gender our little monkey is.We are so excited and know that the time will just drag by until then.We are partially anxious to find out as we need to plan, with DH laid off and being a stay at home mom.Things are tight, so I want to start trying to get cheap baby stuff and clothes.Also the reality is I probably won't make it to my due date so we need to be prepared 3 months ahead of time which is only 2 months away.The fact that I have endometriosis puts me at risk for delivering early as well as having the hematoma.I belong to a online group of women who have hematomas and the average pregnancy length for them seems to be anywhere from 27-34 weeks.With most falling in the 30-34 range.I am not sure how my endometriosis might play into the final due date exactly.Basically I have two risk markers for early delivery and we don't know which one or if any will affect me.My doctor today told me to have all my ducks in a row 3 months before my due date so that is what I plan to do.I am hoping we can secure what we need ahead of time so that DH won't be overburdened with me, a newborn and my 2 boys plus not having the supplies we need.I really don't think I have a feeling one way or another on if we are having a boy or girl.Sometimes I think girl others I see a baby boy.My best friend is convinced I am having a girl, just because that is what she thinks,no reason behind it all lol so we will see.Well that is about it today I will keep everyone posted and will be adding a ticker to countdown until our gender u/s in three weeks.We are having it on July 23rd at 11am.Hugs to you all and thanks again for all the support and kind comments.Also I want to mention that I received a very kind and thoughtful email from a women whom I did not know this morning, it touched my heart as she was kind enough to share her story with me and pray for me and my little one.I felt so blessed to have opened that email and read her kind,reassuring,and heartfelt words.If you are reading this Allyson I want to let you know that your letter touched me.I also what to thank Gretchen for sending a cute card in which she too wrote some very kind and inspiring words that served as a great smile maker for me :-).It is always nice to get something other than a bill in the mail,especially something as sweet as that.Again hugs to you all and God bless!


Michele said...

cant wait to hear the gender! i'll guess girl, just for fun and since you have 2 boys already.

and awesome about your doctor! i am sooooo glad that you can get your results earlier!

Jen said...

I am so glad to hear you worked things out with your doctor-

I have always found the cutest "new" baby clothes at resale shops because usually most are only worn a few times before outgrowing, if worn at all.


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Can't wait to hear what your having!!! Praying for you!!!


twondra said...

I can't wait to hear!!! How exciting!!

G & H said...

Can't wait to hear boy or girl!!! I was going to say what Jen said that Thirft stores have the best and cutest baby clothes...give em a wash ( which you would do anyways) and cute affordable baby clothes...I can;t wait to hit up all our awesome thrift stores and stock up on baby clothes :)

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