Friday, July 10, 2009

The wait is on

Waiting for this next u/s is agonizing.It is 12 days away and we are so excited to find out what we are having.It looks like the majority of you think girl.That is what we have heard a few times from our nurse since the baby's bpm runs so high.But I also know that it is not a positive indicator of gender as some boys have had high rates too.Probably like all old wives tales there is some truth in it but also a rate of incorrectness.I never did blog about our last u/s which was about three weeks ago now so here goes.I had my u/s at the birthing center simply by chance because the hospital was all booked up.Well let me tell you what a difference there was.The tech was so sweet and she showed me the screen while she was looking at the baby and said"aww look there's your baby!". She completely involved me and dh and even my boys.She showed me my hematoma and let me watch the baby for a while.She then gave both of my boys their own pic of the baby and us a whole strip of pics.It was wonderful and non stressful.She even told us the heart rate when I asked which was 173 bpm.I requested that my next u/s which is the gender one be performed at the birthing center and that is where they scheduled me YEAH!On another subject I have to say that I feel so much better now that I am off the extra meds (estrogen,PIO) I always thought how I was feeling was normal pregnancy symptoms but it wasn't.I feel like 75% better.What a difference all those extra hormones make.My hips are still sore and numb,my OB says it is most likely nerve damage and it will take time to heal.I do have to recommend getting a doppler it has been wonderful especially if you have had a scare.We ended up purchasing ours instead of renting since it would cost about the same to rent it the whole time.It actually was cheaper where I bought it from and it is the exact same one the other company rents out.Plus it's ours to keep and use for our next baby.If anyone ever wants info to the site just let me know as they had wonderful deals.We own ours for the price it costs to rent it from the other place for 5 months plus it came with a very sturdy case,2 tubes of u/s gel,free shipping and a free digital thermometer with each order over a certain amount.I do not know if they have any specials right now but they do them often. Well I guess that is it for tonight girls I will leave you with my 16 week belly shot and a picture of our monkey that was taken on 6-23-09 about 3 weeks ago (13 weeks pregnant).It will be 5 weeks total until we see him or her again, which is the longest we have ever gone.


twondra said...

You are just adorable! Love the bump. :) Glad you're feeling better!!

Mimi said...

OMgoodness!!! You find out the sex already!!! Wooo hooo!

I'm thinking a girls too but again, some boys have high heartrates. Both my babies are in the 170's. Hmmmmm, I wonder??

Good luck sweetie!


Michele said...

Our girls have both been higher than our boys, but this pregnancy was kind of fun. Our first two sons were lower, 130s, 140s. Our girls were 150s and, Maya this time was 160s. So, when her twin was in the 150s, everyone assumed we would have 2 girls. NOPE! Bobby shocked them all! :) So, I think that there is a fair amount of truth to the old wives tale, but some surprises, too, LOL. :)

Lisa said...

Look at that cute baby bump!! I guessed a boy is what you are having, but I guess we will have to just wait and see. I am sure you are quite excited to find out what you are makes it so much more real.


Meant to be a mom said...

you look great.
I can't wait to hear the sex of the baby. I totally guess girl but I don't really know?

Ashley said...

YOu look great! Glad your last us went so well!! I can't wait to hear the sex of the baby!

hopefaithlove said...

you look great! both my girls had high hb gl can't wait to hear

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

only 10 days to go!! i am so excited for you guys!

MoDLin said...

Aren't ultrasound photos fabulous? It's such a thrill to have a really nice tech take care of you and get excited with you. How nice it was of her to get DH and the boys involved, too. I hope you get the same person when you go back for your next one.

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My snowflake items
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