Tuesday, June 30, 2009

14 week belly shot a little late,PIO shots question and a update

HI everyone seems like it has been awhile since I posted.Partially I have been really busy playing catch up after being released from bed rest and also because my headaches have been often and intense.I had a u/s last week on Tuesday of which I have yet to get the results from.I did get the nurse to at least tell me the heart rate on the baby.And she said the doctor looked it over briefly and said everything looks ok and told the nurse that she would review the results when we came in a week and a half later.UGH! The nurse on the phone then informed me that I would no longer be getting results of my u/s's until I came in for my appointment.I was like what!!All I know is my appointments are always scheduled 1 1/2 to 2 weeks from my u/s since my OB is so busy.It just seems a bit unfair to me since by the time I get the results things could have changed (for example the size of the hematoma) and it will be old news when I receive it and time for a new u/s.Overall I am learning that the OB that may be great for yearly's and normal feminine needs may not always be the best to have when you are pregnant.She is way overbooked and way too busy.Always running behind,I think our longest wait was 2 whole hours.And now I will have no info on "my" pregnancy after the u/s until 1 and half to 2 weeks later.You would think they would like to give the stressed out pregnant mom some peace of mind and not stress her out more.So I guess I am curious for those of you that are pg how does your OB handle things like results,are you made to wait that long?? Still no luck on craigs list or any other avenue for maternity clothes.I just do get it I am in michigan of the fatest states in the nation what's with all the tiny maternity.Can't a girl get a large geez! I have considered what's happening is that that's just it that since there are more larger people that is why all the tiny clothes are left everywhere.I think the larges go fast.Which sucks for me.My body has continued to change I look different than I do in the pic I just posted.My weight has stabilized and I think I actually lost weight but my belly is still expanding.I haven't been very hungry lately.I did get my first belly rub at church from one of the elders a couple weeks ago.They were like "aww baby" rub rub rub.I am used to DH doing that but it may take a while to get used to other people just coming up and rubbing the belly.Also I know it early but I could have sworn I felt the baby move like rotate itself on saturday the 27th.It was a feeling I have never ever felt and felt like something rotated in my uterus but it was a very fluttery feel.I was laying very very still when it happened.Only time will tell as the baby moves more and it feels the same as what I felt then I will know that was what it was.I had another question for anyone that had to do PIO shots,how long did it take until you had no more pain from them.I have been off them for 2 1/2 weeks and my backside is till sore.More like it stings like someone has snapped me with a very large rubber band over and over and over again on both sides.I also have some lost feeling like it is partially numbed.Soft touches like when my hand grazes the area pulling my pants up or down feel like the area has been shot up with novacaine,like when you go to the dentist.But I am still very able to feel pain.It is very hard to explain but very scarey.I am glad that after I went off them I was better able to walk instead of waddle after about a week.I was on them for almost a month total.It was so bad at the end that my poor hip would jump or spasm when DH gave them to me.It hurt so bad it felt like my skin was blowing up like a balloon as he injected it.It stung soooo much.So I am interested in evryones else experiences with this.Well I think that is all for now girls I miss hearing from you all and hope I do soon((HUGS))


Michele said...

have you thought of transferring OBs? The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Especially with the SCH, that isnt something I'd be comfortable with waiting 2w to hear about and you are right- so much could change. I'd look into someone else, perhaps someone who specializes in higher risk, since return bleeding is possible. Our doctor does the u/s in his office at each 2w appt and we discuss them then and there. I cant imagine anything else. It's bad enough having to wait for my perinatal scan results, but even then, I've seen my OB the week before and I see him the week after. Just my opinion, of course, but I hate to think of you in such a wait every single time. It's just not fair!

My maternity clothes from my other pregnancies are starting to get tight. Normally, I'm in PJs all day (one of the few real joys of bedrest) but the problem is when I have to go to the doctor and I struggle to find something that fits. eek! I dont want to have to try and order clothes online. They are so expensive! Not to mention that I couldnt try them on!

Lisa said...

Hey Girl. Hope you are doing well minus the shots (lol). I have some pointers for you on those PIO shots. It doesn't take away the pain, but I will tell you that it really helped make them somewhat more comfortable. This is what I did while I had to do my shots.... Take an ice pak and have your hubby hold that ice pack on the injection site. Have him hold it there til the area is good and numb. I had my DH apply it for about 5 minutes or so. Basically if your DH presses on the injection site and you can't feel it or you barely feel it then that should be good. Have you DH give you the shot and then after he is done have him apply a warm wash cloth or a wash cloth that is as hot as you can take it. Once he apply's the cloth then have him rub that spot in a circular motion. This will help move the oil throughout the injection area and not keep it in one area to later cause a sore bump under the skin. This is another helpful hint...apply round band-aids to that spot, reverse cheeks every other night and stay away from that spot for a couple days. I at one point had 4-5 round band-aids on each cheek and that way it would help me stay away from that particular area for a couple days and give it a rest. I still ended up having spasms as well and at one point would have such a hard time sitting in my chair at work, but just remember that it will go away and it will TOTALLY be worth it. Hang in there girl!!

As for maternity clothes... I bought alot of mine at Old Navy, a few at Target and a few at Wal-Mart, but then I eventually had to check out Motherhood Maternity and they have some real cute clothes too. You could always try to buy online too...just a thought.

Take Care of yourself : )


Jen said...

So GREAT to hear from you Megan, You had me all concerned and worried- since you are 6 weeks ahead of me, I need more regular updates-lol!!! So when I wake in the middle of the night leaking as I did Sunday, I know what to do- thanks to you!!!!

Can you switch ob's- that is BS!!!! Yes, your mental health and relaxation is much more important than her schedule- I'd starting interviewing girlfriends and get an appointment elsewhere- or just tell her that is what you plan to do if she can't contact you asap about your results-


Mimi said...

I would be switching OB's honey. They need to give you results right then. Causing stress in a pregnant woman is a no no. I see my OB for the first time on the 13th. I heard he is really booked up too. I guess we'll see on the 13th!

Good luck!


Meant to be a mom said...

First of all, you look great. Your belly is adorable.
2nd I see my doctor only when I go in. no-one else. He's super busy too though so sometimes the wait is long but we always see him every 2-3 weeks and he does the ultrasound himself and tells us whats going on and whats changed while we are there in the office. We leave knowing everything that very day. It would drive me nuts if we didn't. That's terrible that they make you wait like they do. That's just not right.
Third when I did the PIO shots I don't recall being that numb 2 weeks later but everyone's different. I do remember being really sore. So maybe your muscles are taking a little longer to heal.

I hope your booty/hip gets to feeling better. And that you hear from your doc. You shouldn't have to wait like that...

Nichole said...

Hey Megan! You look GREAT!!!
As for the ob, I am not sure how most practices handle that, but it seems pretty silly to wait 2 weeks to get the u/s results. I would probably try to transer OB's. It is especially hard after seeing an RE because they are WAY more attentive than OB's (in my opinion)

I haven't had any luck on the maternity clothes either, but I am still looking and will send you stuff as I get it ok?

Keep posting pics of that beautiful belly and keep in touch K?

Love always!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

hey hun! you must really be enjoying your time off bedrest. :) i dont think you should have to wait for test results. i also dont think its too late to switch obs. youre still early in your pregnancy and you dont want to be stressed and inconveienced the rest of the time!!

also, i was pretty sore for weeks after my injections stopped. the pain will cease, i promise you that!

Dan and Gretchen said...

Yay for being released from bed rest and sorry to hear about all of the headaches.
If I were you, I'd be switching OB's NOW!!! That is ridiculous to make you wait for the results. The only thing I can think of would be if something were negative, they wouldn't make you wait for the results...but c'mon that is nuts!!!
Hang in there, the headaches do improve (at least mine did)!

Meredith Jeannette said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Boy I've missed a lot. :0)

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My snowflake items
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