Monday, June 8, 2009

waiting to hear the results from the OB

I had another u/s today and as usual they are not allowed to tell you anything.I had a VERY scary moment when I thought I did not see a HB or movement.I laid there thinking the worst watching the tech work and she kept taking pictures so fast that even DH said it made it hard to see. She would not sit still for too long on any one view.(plus she really didn't have the screen pointed my way at all,I had to turn my head to see it even a little)I finally piped up and asked DH since my heart was racing and I prepared myself for the worst"did you see the baby move at all?" to whch he replied "yup".I was so scared girls, I can't even tell you.I am always scared before an u/s.I am half excited and half scared.I never speak in the car on the way there partially because I am mentally preparing myself for things not to go well.DH has noticed this and has begun to ask brief questions like "are you doing ok?" and brief statements like "I love you".I always give brief answers so I can quickly retreat into my inner thoughts.So here is what I know atleast until the doctor calls as relayed by dh,the baby was sucking it's thumb when they first started looking at it.He said he saw the baby jump around and it's HB.She went so quick today that he thinks the measurements were 5.17 cm and HB of 171.We will know for sure when they call either today or tomorrow.Also I will finally know if the hematoma shrank,stayed the same or has gotten larger.I will also know if I am off of bedrest, still on strict bedrest, or on moderate bedrest.I will update everyone as soon as I get the call. Also we got some pics from today that i will post later.I did see the baby rubbing/touching its face today which warmed my heart.That was after I asked about movement, I think the tech tried to comfort me my slowing for a second so I could see.


Fullers1006 said...

I'm glad things went well! If they give you pics I think thats a pretty good sign! Can't wait for you to hear from the Dr!

Michele said...

it blows my mind that you arent an active participant in your ultrasounds. even when we have to go to perinatal testing (for high res u/s) and arent in our doc's office, we see everything and talk to the tech. the screen is placed so that we can see as well and, if we ask questions, she will focus on things. obviously, a tech cant diagnose, but to not give you a view or to give you information about what you are seeing- that isnt just unfair. it's cruel! i'm so sorry you have to deal with that!

cant wait to hear back from the doctor! good news! fingers crossed!

Meant to be a mom said...

It sounds like everything went well. I can't wait to see the pics.

cady said...

i can't believe how they won't involve you in your ultrasounds. my ob's u/s room has a second monitor across from the bed so i can see everything while the sonographer takes the measurements. she points everything out to us and answers all our questions. i would complain if my sonographer was like yours! i'm glad it went well, though. my little one doesn't stop moving either. it's insane! i can't wait to see your pics.

Jen said...

I am so glad your baby seems to be doing well- is there anywhere else insurance will cover for your ultra sounds?

Can't wait to see the new pics!!!


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My snowflake items
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