Wednesday, June 17, 2009

long time no post

First I would like to say thank you for all of your kind comments when I was feeling so down.Secondly modified bed rest is way easier than strict.We did end up going to that wedding on saturday and that was nice.It gave me a chance to get out and socialize but also I love to dance and I couldn't :-( I have some cute photo booth pics of DH and me and my best friend and me from the wedding as they had a photo booth where you could take pics as a keepsake. It was a really neat idea! I remain discouraged by my weight gain but I guess that happens when you are put on bed rest and are not allowed to exercise.I have a follow up appointment with my OB tomorrow.She will at that time schedule my next U/S.I am sure I won't get any more information regarding my hematoma as everytime I ask anyone (OB,the other OB,and the nurse practitioner) anything about it that always talk in circles and say "it's a wait and see thing".Which I understand that it is something they cannot predict.But it seems as though the only real info I have gotten has come from online.I am hoping that I am one of the women that has it disapear by 20 weeks ( I guess most do) a fact that I picked up online but was never told.They did however confirm it when I asked about it.I now understand why so many fellow bloggers say they miss their RE.You get such individulized attention there and ALL questions are answered with care.I sure do miss mine.My OB is overbooked and unavailable most times.My RE was a very busy man but planned his day well.I am now 13 weeks pregnant it is hard to believe.I do however have a 12 week belly shot that I will post as I do them only every 2 weeks.I will post the wedding pics after I scan them in later.Well girls I guess that is it for now.


Michele said...

glad you had fun at the wedding!

and you are SOOOO right. Modified bedrest is a Godsend after strict bedrest. It's one of the reasons I cant really complain about this round; it is so much easier than it was with Sophia and on strict bedrest. But, it's not a vacation (which I'd love to explain to people!).

So glad things are going well and hope that you have a great OB appt. I have my 16w appt today!

twondra said...

Glad you're feeling better sweetie. I was getting worried about you.

Ashley said...

Glad you had fun at the wedding and all is going well!! I'm not ready to leave my RE because I know that's going to happen to me too!! You look great!!

Nichole said...

Oh - seeing your pictures makes me REALLY want to look more into EA! You look adorable! I can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding.

I will probably email you more either later today or tomorrow with an update on EA/RE etc.

Hang in there girlie!

Meant to be a mom said...

So cute, You look great. Happy 13 weeks.
I'm glad you got to get out of the house.

Jen said...

You look adorable in your belly photos!!! I can't wait till mine is that big!!! Did you get my email from a few days ago? If not, check your spam box- glad you are feeling better!!!


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My snowflake items
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