Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little post told by nanner

It all started when this arrived in the mail. Mommy and daddy said it was for me and that it was from Auntie Tammy and Uncle Mark.I was so excited!! (Thank you again Auntie Tammy and Uncle Mark)

Mommy opened it for me cause I can't really do that part yet but I enjoyed watching her do it.Here is what was inside, two very cute outfits just for me! For no reason other than I am loved and missed.Isn't that so sweet.Aren't they the best Auntie and Uncle EVER!! One is a very cute sleeper that mommy says makes my blue eyes look amazing and the other is a long pant short sleeve outfit with MONKEYS!!!We love ourselves some monkeys in this house!

So before I know it I hear mommy talking about how she wants to put me in the new blue sleeper for bed tonight.Great idea mommy!!So mommy got me ready for my bath, I love taking baths.Here I am in the tub, don't worry mommy covered all the special parts up ;-)

After I got out I was thinking and something didn't seem quite right....

So I thought hard to try to figure out what it was that seemed "off".....

And then it hit me!!!!It was only 4:30pm and it wasn't even dark yet!!!

So I sat on the couch holding my "lovie" tight awaiting the dreaded goodnight tuck in hoping my mommy would forget to put me to bed. After all it was still light out and only late afternoon.

And then there she mommy....but I didn't want to go to bed yet.

So I did the only thing I could do I hid behind my "lovie" and hoped she didn't notice me.

But mommy found me anyway.

And then the greatest thing happened.I could hardly believe my ears.

Mommy said it wasn't time for bed after all.She said she was just excited to try my new jammies on from Auntie Tammy and Uncle Mark and that I could stay up for the rest of the night until my normal bedtime.That made me happy!!Cause I love spending time with my mommy and daddy and my brothers too! So that made me so very very happy!

Or maybe it was gas......

Nope false alarm, happy it is!!!

Don't you love a story with a happy ending me too! So does "lovie"!

P.s.You didn't think I was gonna forget to flash my baby blues at you did you???

Love Nanner


Jen said...

Very Cute!!!

twondra said...

Awwwww, so sweet! I love it!!! And love that he's so happy! Thanks for sharing!

So glad you guys loved the outfits. :) You're very welcome!

Love you guys and miss you tons!

Meredith Jeannette said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever read!

Kami said...

That is hilarious!!! Isn't Aunt Tammy and Uncle Mark the greatest!!! We love them so much too!!


Christina said...

Cutie! Cutie! Love it!

Stacie said...

I absolutely LOVED this post. I loved your, I mean the babies captions!

Anna said...

LOL I love it.

Meant to be a mom said...

He is just about too cute. I absolutely love the commentary and the fun facial expressions. So cute.
His new clothes are adorable. So sweet of his aunt and uncle. :)

Ashley said...

So cute!

Marilyn said...

Love this post & Mason is just too cute, you are blessed :-)

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My snowflake items
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