Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little bit of this little bit of that....road trip a coming, to Tammy and Kami or bust

First of all I want to share pics of Mason holding his own bottle, this is insane he is 3 months old, he started this back on the 28th of March. Slow down son....I want to enjoy you being little for as long as possible, first the jumperoo now this.

Here are some pics of his first outdoor stroller walk on March 31st, he loved it. We took all three boys, it felt great to get outside and walk.

Some news we have is that we are going on a very short road trip to go see Kami
who I have known online from blogger for over a year and Tammy who I have also known for over a year from blogger. I have enjoyed getting to know them through emails, blogger and phone calls but I am so excited to meet in real life!!They have figuratively held my hand through my whole donor embryo journey.I have no idea what I would have done without girls like them and you other great girls out there. Tammy who is from Wisconsin will be in Michigan (my home state) for her donor embryo transfer this weekend and we told her we would try to make it to meet her in real life. Kami is also from Michigan (about 3 + hours from us) and has selflessly donated her remaining embryos to Tammy.I am so excited to meet Tammy,Mark,Kami,The twins (Sam and Mia) and have them get a chance to meet Mason,DH and I. My older boys will be at their dads this weekend.It will be a short trip as DH has to work Saturday until noon so we will leave after that and stay the night there and return home Sunday night.Can't wait to see you girls!!!
And here is a picture of Mason when I asked him he was ready to go meet Tammy,Mark, Kami and a couple of cute babies! LOL


blessedmomto8 said...

HOW FUN! Have a good time ladies!

Nichole said...

I hope you have a great time!

twondra said...

Oh my goodness!! He is sooooo cute!! Love the picture! It made me smile!

I'm sooo glad we'll get to meet! I don't know how I could've gotten through this without ya and it means so much that you guys are making the trip!! Yay!!

Can't wait to give Mason big hugs and kisses!!

Michele said...

Oh my gosh! Mason is a doll!!! Have a great trip!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Mason is SOOOO Cute. He can hold his bottle by himself. Wow, seriously. Cooper has no interest and he is 6 months old :)

How fun that you get to go see the girls. What a nice person Kami is to help out her friend and change her life forever.

I hope you have a great trip.

Kami said...

While you are seeing Tammy and Kami, maybe we should eat some hammy!!! LOL LOL

I am so excited to meet you guys!!!!


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My snowflake items
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