Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green beans bad! Peas good!

Nanner eating his green beans before we knew they were "bad" :-(

Well apparently nanner might have an intolerance or slight allergy to green beans.Seems like an odd item to be sensitive to but signs point to yes.Green beans were the very first veggie we tried and after 2 days I had a very cranky,spit uppy, gassy, bloated baby.At that point in time I was unsure if he was gassy from all the crying or from the beans.He also started to seem insatiable which can be a sigh of a tummy ache.Babies often mistake tummy aches for hunger.He also developed a very slight diaper rash that had tiny dots of blood(EEK!)So after all that happened within ONLY 2 days I stopped the green beans completely.We have now been on peas for 2 days with no problems what so ever.And he seems to be back to himself now. I am gonna hold off on green beans until I talk to the doctor about his reaction, it is possible that he may be better able to tolerate them later.It really is to bad because the boy loved them.But they don't love him back. Oh well he loves him some peas too! Has anyone else found food sensitivities or allergies in their little ones? And if so what were they to and what were the symptoms??


Stacie said...

Laney has never had any food allergies, so I'm of no help.

I hope that's his only one. It must be kind of scary trying new foods now since he's had a reaction to one so far. Glad the peas are working out though.

He's getting so big!

Kami said...

Poor baby boy. Give him kisses from Aunt Kami.


Meant to be a mom said...

Awe poor baby, I haven't noticed anything like this yet but If I do, now I know who to ask about it. I feel so bad for him. Definitely steer clear of the green beans.

Michele said...

What a little cutie pie!!!

Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

Okay, I feel like a total IDIOT! I saw your popst when you originally put up the slide show and then every time I checked back, all I saw was the slide show, so I have missed out on ALL your posts!!!! I didn't look below the slide show and just figured you were busy being the new mommy and had no time!

He is sooo adorable, I can't wait to read it all and catch up!


I really enjoy your blog and reading about your beautiful blessing. I love his outfit... I bought one just like it, for our upcoming blessing. Have a great week. Blessings,

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My snowflake items
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