Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mason 2 month pics and Mederma for stretch marks

Here are the 2 month pics of Mason I have more to go through here are just a few I did not do a lengthy photo shoot like I did for his 1 month but I did get a few cute ones. Also I have decided to try the new Mederma for stretch marks cream that is out. I had a $4.00 coupon which I printed off the website for it (it also came with one in the package for my next purchase).I took before pictures of my pregnancy stretch marks(yes I did get them,but not until about the last trimester)and then I will be able to see if there was any real difference. The product says it takes 4 weeks to show noticeable difference and 12 weeks to show optimum difference.It also goes on to say that you may need more treatment depending on the individual. So we will see girls I will have to let you know.The product itself is hard to find but there are stores listed online to find it at. I got mine at wal*greens.Targ*et is listed but I was unable to find one that had it yet.Is anyone else using this product? And if so are you seeing results?


Michele said...

He's a cutie.

I actually opted to not do anything for my stretch marks. I look at them often. After Nick and Sophie, they were all I had left, physically, and, after Alex, I would look at them and remember. I do the same now. I cant even imagine them not there, LOL. Mommy Scars, Peter calls them!

Nichole said...

He is adorable! Just precious!

Mel B. said...

He is so cute! I can't wait to hear if it works.

Lisa said...

He is just precious!! He is getting BIG. Hope the Mederma works for you... I have so many stretch marks from being pregnant as well. Not fun, but it was for a good cause (lol).

I think awhile back you asked which program I use to post on my blog and put the copyright on my pictures... I use Live Writer. It took me some time getting use to it, but I love it. You would have to download it to your computer, but it is nice to work with. Good Luck!!


Peppermint Patty said...

I used the Mederma for "scar therapy" after my breast reduction. It didn't do anything. I hope you have better luck with the stretch mark cream. :)

BTW...Mason is a Q-T!!

embieadoptmom said...

Never tried Mederma. Didn't get them on my tummy just my outer thighs but who knows this time, I've got a ways to go!

Mason is a precious love! Give him a hug for me ;)

Kami said...

He is so adorable honey. I heard the maderma is really good. I know it helps with scars. Just keep up on it.


Anna said...

oooh, let me know if the Mederma works, I need it for my laparoscopy scars.

twondra said...

He is so precious!! I just wanna hold and squeeze him. :)

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