Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Could this be the cure for colic ;-) ?? (video) and my poll is still open

I don't know but it sure has helped this thing has been wonderful!! We got it about a week a ago but have been only been using it 3 days. I know 3 months is supposed to be a bit young for it but I just had a feeling he was ready.(I don't remember my other 2 boys using exersaucers or jumperoos until about 5-6 months) He kept trying to bounce while sitting on my leg at the computer, just hated being on his back and has been doing really well with his neck for sometime now so we thought what the heck. It has been as if I have an actual second pair of hands here I can finally put him down to do laundry, cook,use the potty,eat,do other housework you name it. Granted it is only for about 15-20 minutes or so but it is wonderful. Plus added bonus he sleeps 2 hours longer at night!!! You read that right 2 hours longer!! He tires himself out in the jumperoo a few times a day so now he sleeps longer at night. He also sleeps sounder.He takes longer sounder naps also.So what does this relief cost someone you might ask cheaper than you might think.Being the bargain shopper I am I snagged last years model (precious planet original model) on clearance 50% off the original price which just happens to be the model we registered for anyways. So yes I was geeked.The original price was $90.00 we got it for $45.00 and it was worth every penny.And he loves it as you can see.He is a bit short for the lowest setting so we put a couch pillow on the floor under his feet and it was fine.But with the way he is growing he will be able to reach in no time.So the theory around here is partially is he has been I guess sick of being his back and tummy.But up until now what were my options especially with his age.I joke with DH that since he was frozen for 5 years he is a 5 year old stuck in a 3 month olds body and he has been bored to tears until now :-) All in all most (not all) of the fussiness has magically subsided between the the playing in the jumperoo and the the exhaustion from doing so he is so much more content to just be held and cuddle and also to be put down when I need to.And he is sleeping so much better at night so now momma is getting more sleep.Ahhhh.... Oh yeah and I am finding you guys answers interesting on my poll more of you have shared your blogs with family or friends than I had thought me personally I have not shared mine with anyone but DH ;-)


Jen said...

Where did you get it on clearance? I need this for my girls!!! Hugs!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

My son loves his toy like that also. Aren't they the best.

I'm glad it helped with his colic.
He is seriously adorable.

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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