Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Very sweet Tammy and Kami and an online baby shower for me

I cannot believe the kindness and loving hearts these 2 women possess and I wanted to share with you all what they are up to in case you are not followers of their blogs.Tammy approached me to ask if she could throw me an online baby shower because of how Bryan's family has been treating us and other other sad things that have happened surrounding my baby shower.If you missed those posts they are the 2-3 previous ones on my blog.I am going to include a link to each of their blogs so you all can see what they are up to and because Tammy recommended that I share with my readers what they are doing.To say that I am overwhelmed by their kindness is an understatement. I am truly touched more than words could possibly convey that they wanted to do this for me.I have said this before and I will say it again "I sure wish I had more people locally in my life that had the hearts that my fellow bloggers do" You blogger girls are wonderful and I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life!! ((HUGS))

Tammy's blog


Kami's blog


Latest news-

We are at the 3 month mark before our due date that our OB warned us to be ready by,she said due to the hematoma and my endometriois that we should have our ducks in a row by the the middle of September in case he comes early.I am happy to say that he is still staying put for now and I hope it stays that way until it's time for him to come.It seems that most hematoma patients deliver at 26-30 weeks.Some make it to 32-34 and a few all the way to their due date.We are officially 27 weeks now and I hope we make it at least until 30 or so.(the good news is we made it to and passed viability 24 weeks,and everyday and week that passes he gets stronger and stronger)

We toured our birthing facility and the people we very nice, we were already pre-registered from a scare we had a couple months ago.

I took my glucose test and that stuff is so sickening sweet and thicker (I had orange) that I thought for sure I was going to puke it back up, I was able to keep it down but had an upset tummy for most of the day.I then had my blood drawn after an hour and will most likely find out the results at my appointment on this Thursday the 24th.

I now feel him kicking a squirming on my sides, it's kind of weird how he can be so far over.He has his active times and less active times but I feel him everyday!

And I will be including a 26 week belly shot, there is no mistaking that I am pregnant at all.I am starting to feel huge and it's hard to find positions to sleep in and relax in.


Stacie said...

Aww, I'm so happy to hear that your little guy is doing well and staying put! I remember the feeling of my daughter kicking my sides. The bigger he gets, the further around you will feel him. It's so cool and strange at the same time.

I hope you're feeling well :)

twondra said...

I'm more than happy to do it for you sweetie! You deserve it! Remember a lot of people love you!

So glad things are going well for you and your precious boy! (((HUGS)))

Michele said...

Yay that things are progressing so well! The idea of having a preemie is scary but a good NICU makes all the difference. I am sure you've already investigated yours and I would recommend taking a tour- just in case you need it. Then it wont be such a shock.

And how sweet about the shower! That is wonderful!

Mimi said...

Isn't Tammy wondra-ful!!! Get it???

She came up with the idea. She does have such a great heart. I hope you get some nice things for your little monkey boy.


Bella said...

You look great! I hope the boy stays put for awhile longer, but glad you are preparing early!

We went to Dr. Shamma out of IVF Michigan. I'm in Toledo, so he was most convenient for us. MI had alot more great RE options that NW Ohio did, that's for sure, so i am sure your RE was fab too!

Enjoy your shower, you deserve it!

Tiffany said...

Awwww that is so sweet. I read about this on Kami's blog. I would love to contribute, but funds are super tight right now for us. However, I am going to have lots of boys clothes to hand down and also some things that we may end up not using... bottles etc. Let me know if you are interested in any of our hand me downs and I can get them out to you in a month or so when the boys grow out of stuff.

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My snowflake items
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