Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is it Tuesday yet??

My beta day is getting closer and closer. The HPT's have begun to whisper my name. They are not calling or even shouting to me yet but they are defiantely whispering my name ;-) Today is the 20th and my beta is on the 23rd. I feel like normally time passes too quickly but lately it is moving so S L O W..... My heaviness I had in my abdomen has pretty much gone away and has been replaces with cramping. I had very light cramping for a day or 2 but part of yesterday and now today are getting a bit uncomfortable.I feel like AF is coming any time.Even with the cramping I have not lost hope as I had cramping during my 2ww when I was PG with Nanner. But back then after my first FET I really thought it hadn't worked as I was so sure that AF was on her way. That feeling that I just knew that AF was coming was what drove me to take a HPT that time. I was so mad and just ready to move on knowing what my future was.To my huge surprise it was positive. So for this cycle I am trying to take it as a good sign that maybe just maybe it worked.Hopefully I can hang in there until beta time. Wish me luck girls!


Stacie said...

I am sending all kinds of good vibes and positive thoughts your way. I hope Tuesday gets here soon for you.

Keeping you in my thoughts!

Ashley said...

Try not to over-analyze! Stay positive and trust the Lord's plan!

Room for More said...

Thinking of you as you get your beta tomorrow!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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