Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ordered meds and the answer to the follie question

I ordered my meds today and am currently on bcp pill 11. That means I have 6 more to go. I wanted to answer of couple of you that had questions regarding why they want me to produce a follicle if I am using donor embryos. :-) So here goes.They want me to produce at least 1 follicle because at my clinic they are trying to replicate the natural cycle that a women's body would go through if she got PG on her own.I know at some clinics others are given transfer dates ahead of time and they know when they will be having their FET. Well because of the way my clinic does it,I do not. They go by my body and cycle and what all monitoring tells them. They decide when to transfer after I have responded to stims enough to make a 1 good follie and after my lining is looking good etc. I kinda liken it to double dutch jump rope they are waiting, watching and ready to jump in to action. Ready for that moment when my body would have ovulated and they time that with the transfer so that my body indeed thinks that the embies trying to implant are not just there by accident but that I ovulated and created them therefore my body now needs to get busy taking care of them and nurturing them ;-)This is the same protocol as last time so and is just the way they do things. Doesn't make any other RE's way wrong just is what my clinic likes to do and finds works for them.Any more questions please feel free to ask :-) I love hearing from all of you.


ks said...

I think some refer to it as a 'natural' FET. Which sounds great to me! So happy to hear that your on your way! Thinking of you!

Nichole said...

Ahhhh - that makes total sense now! I like that approach!

Good luck!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Great explination! We should have transfers pretty close together!!

Christina said...

Ahhh. Thanks for the explanation! Sounds like a good plan!

twondra said...

You're on your way!! So excited for you!!

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My snowflake items
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