Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AF arrived, 2 lupron shots down and an appt today

Let me just start out by saying it has been the most unorganized cycle I have ever had. The office never sent me a med/cycle/plan calender so I am kinda just piecing info together.UGH Well AF arrived on Saturday so that was officially CD 1 so here we go! Previous to this my only instructions I had received from the office was to call when my AF arrived.Well it arrived on Saturday and they are closed so I couldn't call. But I did call call today. When I called I did not get a real person cause I never do and left a message. I had a phone call returned about 2 hours later.On the call the nurse very casually asked me if I had indeed started my lupron this morning , I was like um no I had no idea I was even supposed to.I told her I don't even have a med schedule. So there goes shot number 1 down the drain.Apparently I was supposed to start them on CD 3 which would have been today but they have to be 12 hours apart so it was to late by the time she called back because she wanted the other given at a specific time. I am just thinking it would have been WONDERFUL if some one had bothered to go over my meds and mailed a plan to me with doses.(as my lupron was not even marked with it,it said ask doctor) Needless to say my day has been craptasic. But I am trying to pull it out of feeling like that and separate the experience from the goal, but my fear it the people/experience could compromise the goal.I feel like they never even considered "what if she gets her AF on the weekend?" Had no plans etc.At least they did not have me prepared for it. The greatest kicker of all of it was the nurse seemed a little concerned to whether I even had my meds yet and for good reason, she or whomever the last nurse I talked to had told me to tell the mail order pharmacy that I needed them by the 20th.Lucky for me I am not a sit around wait to get this done kinda girl so I pressed them for a week to fix things and told them I needed them by the 14th and 15th because I felt better knowing they were here.So they arrived only 3-4 days before I needed them. If I had listened to the nurse I would have no meds right now and no lupron to even do my shots.This whole experience has been a let down this time it's like they just are less personal or don't care like they used to.I start my follistim on the 19th and am going for my baseline u/s today in the afternoon.I am so sorry everyone for seeming so down lately I know it will pass but I just am frustrated and feeling negative and blue when in reality I should be feeling so excited. I need to work on that or find a way to change it.Anyways hugs to you all. It is just past 3 am and due to our funky schedule DH is just about to give me another shot.Before he leaves for work gulp! Yay shots! not really :-(


Kriss said...

Sweetie, I think I would be calling the office and demanding to speak to either the office manager or the doctor. They are messing around with ALOT of money, timing and your future! (((hugs)) They are not being very professional and I would be very very very upset over this! -kriss

Kami said...

I agree with Kriss. I would be calling someone! I am so excited for you non the less!!!! Yeah!


Diane said...

I would be so frustrated if that happened to me! I hope you can get a real schedule soon so this doesn't happen again.

Christina said...

I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out!

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My snowflake items
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