Monday, February 15, 2010

Mason is home

Some pictures of our little miracle while he was in the hospital :-(

Mason's crib while in the hospital, DH and I felt it looked more like a cage "cringe"

Mommy feeling happy because her baby has no cords or tubing connected to him and it was time to get ready to go home after one last feeding!

Mason resting comfortably tonight on valentines day

We were released from the hospital about a week ago.Mason is getting better with each passing day.He was released a bit earlier than some who have RSV due to the fact that his pediatrician prescribed him a nebulizer for home so we could do his breathing treatments ourselves and he could continue to heal at home instead of in the hospital.Sorry that it has taken so long to update but his treatments are every 4 hours and he eats every 2-4 hours (sometimes 6 hours) and his breathing treatment schedule has not been lining up with eating. Needless to say between those two things,my other 2 boys and them getting sick with the crude mason has, the housework, major lack of sleep,me getting sick too, getting my oldest up in the morning and off to school, 2 dogs and some how finding time to get my self dressed and fed along with everyone else it has been tough finding time to update until now. Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers.All of your comments always mean so much to me.I will be adding the 3rd and final part in my birth story very soon.


Mandibula said...

That going home feeding takes FOREVER! It's like they know! I'm so glad he is home. Sorry life is so crazy but you know it will get better and life will be a crazy sort of perfected for your happy little family!

Jess said...

So glad to hear that he is better and home now.Praying that he continues to get better and that life can get back to normal soon.

Nichole said...

Oh Hon, I am SO glad he is doing better and is now resting comfortably at home! I will keep sending prayers your way!


embieadoptmom said...

SO GLAD your little Mason is getting welL~ I KNOW busy girl, it's NUTS! Praying things slow down for you!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm so glad he's doing a little better. Poor baby, but he sure is precious.
We completely understand your busy. You can blog when you have time, if you don't have time we all understand. Keep taking care of your kiddos!

Jen said...

I am so glad that your precious angel boy is home!!!


twondra said...

So glad he's home! I've been looking for an update. I hope he's feeling better and better! Poor little guy. :(

Michele said...

So glad he's home!!! (When Maya went back after her choking scare for the night, she had a "crib" that looked just like that! Freaky!)

Melissa said...

so glad to hear he is home and getting better!! :)

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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