Saturday, August 8, 2009

20 week pics and updates on u/s results

20 week belly shot (actually 20 weeks 3 days)we took it a few days late

I know I have been a bad blogger, but life has gotten the better of my time lately.We have had yard sales at 2 different locations for the past 2 weekends to help try to make some money for needed baby items.So besides all the work those took lets see what else is new.Well I went back for the official results on July 30th and the OB said the head measurements etc looked good and on track.She also decided that since we could not see the hematoma on the gender scan u/s that she will have me do another u/s 4 weeks from then (now 16 days away) and if we don't see it on that u/s either than we will call it gone/resolved.We are so hoping that it is gone and not just hiding like they are known to do.As I stated before,even if it is gone we are not completely out of the woods for an early delivery as once the damage is done it's done with hematomas.And I do still have endometriosis which was my second risk factor for a preemie. However my chances of how early can be changed and lessened but the hematoma resolving.They also said that I only gained one pound in the 4 weeks proceeding my appontment.I have no idea how that could be possible I sure look like I am gaining a lot of weight.I think altogether (not including the wonderful 15-20 pounds I gained on fertility meds) I have gained about 5-6 pounds during my pregnancy.Did anyone else gain weight after months on fertility meds.I have heard it is common but that doesn't make me like it.Let's see what else is new, well my best friend informed that she will be throwing me a shower on September 5th, wow that is soon and I am so excited!I have no idea what I am going to wear for it,but I was tempted to wear a cute dress. We are still working on names and have started to narrow it down.I may ask for all of you girls input through a poll,just to see which name you all prefer.I know in the end it is our decision and we and our little boy will be the ones to live with it, but it will possibly help me sort the names out a bit.We did receive our first gift the other day it was from my DH's cousin (they live in Virginia).I guess they found our registry and decided to send us something, we hadn't even told anyone that we had made it yet.We were delighted when we opened the box from target and it had the bouncy seat we registered for inside.Our little miracle now makes himself known several times a day he goes through spurts of moving and kicking.I still get excited every time he does it.We can't wait to see him again on the 24th.I will also have a follow up with the OB on the 26th although I will be seeing one of the other OB's in the practice since mine will be on vacation.So now I guess I will leave you with some recent pics,including a 20 week belly shot which is 3 days late.Well girls that is about it for now.I will post more soon. HUGS!!

Me braving the camera after a long hot,rainy,humid day and with no makeup.Wow do I look pregnant!

The little monkey that daddy picked out for our little monkey!

Our first baby gift!! Jungle themed bouncy seat so cute!


twondra said...

You look soooooooo cute and so happy! Love the monkey. :)

Polly Gamwich said...

Hey Sweety, congrats on hitting halfway!! So exciting! You look adorable with that great tummy of yours :) I pray that the hematoma conclusively resolves itself and that baby is healthy as can be.

A shower in early Sept? Eeeeeeeek! How fun, we can't wait to see pictures!

Much love,

Nichole said...

You look great! I will be praying that the hematoma is gone!!! BIG HUGS!

KS said...

Fertility meds are evil for your figure!!! I haven't been near a scale in 8 months (afraid) but I do know I have gone up 2 sizes...(in my @ss only!) Awesome!!!

You look wonderful! I'm so glad to hear Monkey and mom are doing well. Hear's hoping the hematoma is gone and you have a great u/s!

Ashley said...

Congrats on 20 weeks and the hematoma maybe being gone!!! I also gained weight on fertility meds!! YOu look great;)

Angie said...

You have been nominated for the "One Lovely Blog" award; details on my blog.

embieadoptmom said...


Michele said...

just adorable!!!

I gained weight on my meds too, and only 10lb in 23w of a twin pg so far...

Meant to be a mom said...

Yay on the halfway mark.

You look just beautiful. How fun that you got a gift. Hopefully there are many many more to follow but that first one is always really special.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

you look great! i love the mokey and the bouncer, adorable!!

i gained weight on fertility meds..i am anxious to lose the pregnancy weight as well as IF weight!!

Dora said...

Great looking belly! I absolutely gained weight from fertility meds (and stress). I told my OB at my first appt that I consider it all baby weight. She laughed and agreed with me. I have no idea what I weigh now. I get on the scale backwards and just have the nurse tell me the difference between appts.

Kelly said...

Hey there...I found you off of Erin's blog and I was wondering...would you want to do a baby blog swap? Email me at

MoDLin said...

dersefCongrats! (I think it's a girl.)

Putting on weight slowly and steadily is best. But don't worry if you gain less than four pounds in the first trimester, and make up for it later, or vice versa. Also, many women have one or two "growth spurts" during which they gain several pounds in a short time period, then level off. Again, this is not worrisome unless it becomes a pattern. The important thing is to keep an eye on your overall gain.

Also, my daughter has endometriosis and had two fullterm pregnancies. It can be done.

Best wishes.

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My snowflake items
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