Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Had a scare,pics from friends wedding in june and the latest goings on here

We are holding up 3 fingers in some of the pics because we were three months pregnant.The pictures were fun and we had a good time acting goofy and and sweet with each other.

Well lets start with the scare we had it started last weekend when the temp and humidity decided to spike and we started have our 95 degree days here in Michigan (crazy I know).On the afternoon of Sunday august 9th I started getting really overheated as we were having a yard sale with a friend. As the day grew hotter and more humid I started to feel overheated, nauseous and a bit dizzy.So I sat down as much as possible and was consuming fluids.I made a comment to DH and my friend that "nanner" that's what we call our baby for now, was not very active that day.But I just played down to the change in our schedule etc.Plus I was busy with the sale and preoccupied.Well later that night after the sale DH looked down at my feet and said "umm hunny, your feet are purple".I looked down and either out just exhaustion or not knowing how to respond was like "hmm imagine that, they are purple" At this point he prompted me to go lay down and put them up which I did.As the night went on "nanner" still did not make himself known and my skin was getting tight on my fingers,thighs and calves.I decided to call my OB's office the next day and tell them what was going on.I still hadn't really felt "baby nanner" and if I did it was so faint that I was unsure if it was bubbles or him.My ob's nurse was out so I got a different one and told her what was going on and she said the heat and humidity is very hard on pregnant women and that I needed to drink tons of water, to keep my feet up and rest.She also said that pregnant women become dehydrated easier and they can't tell when they are.She then said that I should drink something cold and lay very still and wait to see if the baby kicks etc.If I didn't have a change in things she said I was more than welcome to go into the birthing center and they would listen to him and check me out.Well Monday finished out and Tuesday went by with very very faint movement or gas bubbles not sure and he still was not being my active boy.He had been keeping regular hours of kicking and moving (even DH could feel him) up until Sunday.You could have set your watch by him so that is why this was alarming to me.So Wednesday night at about 11:45pm we went in.(I had to wait for my Ex-husband to get out of work so he could come sit at our house with mine and his boys while they slept.Yes I know we have an unconventional relationship but we are still good friends and we co-parent our children wonderfully.He and DH get along great and even installed a dishwasher here together.)So anyways going on they took a urine sample and listened to "baby nanner" and she said he sounded great,that his heart was steady and regular.She said I needed to drink more fluids,keep my feet up and rest.She also said the heat may have been getting to him a bit so I should try to stay hydrated and cool.All of which I had started to do since the heat wave started on Sunday.So we went home hoping she is right and tried to get some sleep.The very next morning what do you think happened? Of course it was our "baby nanner" kicking and moving just like his old self.He was kicking so hard that DH could feel him which put huge smiles on both of our faces.He's been our active little monkey ever since.He sure did give us a scare but we are glad he is alright.We have an u/s on Monday to check for the hematoma and see him again,we can't wait! I am finally posting our pics that we took in the photo booth at my friends wedding in June, I know I said I would a long time ago but better late than never. I should probably give a little history on our baby's nickname which he had even before we knew he was a boy in order to stop calling the baby "it" as in "it" kicked "it" moved,having a nickname made it more personable.His nickname came because we call him our little monkey and are doing his room in jungle and monkeys, so we decided on "nanner" as in banana.Everyone thought it was cute and it has stuck and will be around until he has an official name but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will always be our little nanner.On a different note I was officially put on prescription reflux/acid meds since my acid problem had gotten so bad and over the counter stuff was not working.They put me on protonix which I have to say works very well.My OB made the decision after I aspirated in my sleep.I literally woke up after dosing off at bedtime choking on milk and cereal that I had eaten an hour so before bed.DH woke up to me coughing and wheezing as I struggled to breath and cough up pieces of cereal and milk.It had made its way to my lungs as I breathed in while I slept,of course after shooting up my throat.It was very scary and went on for 15 minutes-20 minutes.My lungs burned and hurt so bad for the next few days like I had been diving very deep while swimming or something.We are officially done with all 3 baby registries, we added the baby depot at Burlington coat factory since it had a lot of different things that Babies r us and Target didn't have.I will be posting a 22 week belly pic very soon since I will be 22 weeks today.I know there was more to catch up all you girls on but I think I have pregnancy head lately and can't seem to remember anything ugh! Well I will close for now and I hope everyone is well, hugs to you all!
This pic is of me and one of my best friends she is the one throwing me my shower on september 5th,I love her like a sister! We had fun acting silly and changing poses before the camera took each pic!


Michele said...

Great pics!

The weather is a killer! When I was admitted to the hospital, my nurses told me that they had several patients b/c of dehydration, just because you think you are drinking enough and arent, which can lead to edema and contractions. Thankfully, that was only my problem twice (and fluids quickly fixed the contractions) but they told me it is very common. But I felt terrified just reading your post! I am so glad that things are going well and the little monkey is happy and healthy in there!

embieadoptmom said...

So glad you and nanner are okay! AND glad that you and your ex have a great relationship-VERY IMPORTANT and cool. REST REST REST! Hugs to you and nanner!

Meant to be a mom said...

SCARY! I'm so glad everything is ok.

Also your pics are adorable.

Jen said...

I am so glad I didn't know all of that was going on- I would have been worried to death!!! I am glad Little Nanner is doing well and moving about-


ks and jd said...

Phew! That would have scared the bejeepers out of me too! I'm glad to hear you and 'nanner' are okay though!

What a great model you, your dh and ex-dh are showing those kids. Wonderful job!

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My snowflake items
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