Friday, May 22, 2009


Today was pretty uneventful and kind of boring being on bed rest but I know it's for the best.My bleeding actually slowed way down by early evening last night.By 10pm there was no red blood at all only very light pink spotting, this continued but was only when I wiped there was nothing on my pad at all.By this morning the pink was all but gone when I wiped and was replaced later in the afternoon with tan to brown old blood/discharge.I haven't felt anything out of the ordinary today.I am not looking forward to all of PIO shots but I know they are necessary.The first 2 I have had have left my rump very sore.I am anxious for my u/s on Tuesday as I am scared that something could be wrong even if I am not bleeding.I just want to see our beautiful baby and see how it's doing again.We are so in love with our little monkey already and just want it to stay safe until it's time to be born. Thank you, all you wonderful girls for the support,prayers and encouraging words, I have appreciated them more than you know and love you all for it.


amanda said...

continuing to pray. and thanks for the update. praying for continued peace, because god can and will give it to you!! he is so good!!

twondra said...

I've been thinking of you sooooo much sweetie. So glad the bleeding is better. Thanks for the update. (((HUGS)))

Michele said...

so glad the bleeding has stopped! sending you lots of positive vibes!!

Ryan and Stuart said...

Sending prayers your way!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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