Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First u/s is coming up quick

Our first u/s is on wednesday the 29th and we are so excited! I haven't really had much to report lately we are getting ready for a yard sale that we are having this weekend so lots of sorting and pricing has been keeping me busy.The thing I have noticed about myself is I am so swollen and bloated in my abdomen.Seriously nothing fits.It just seems so soon to be having this problem.My bb's don't even look like my own anymore. I so need to get new bras so I can stop having quad bb's. :-) I was wondering if anyone knew if the progesterone and or estrogen could be part of my early bloating etc. I was told by the nurse that it was partly to blame for my cramps that I have been having since 3dpt.Which have gotten way less frequent and intense over the past week or so.This is all so new and uncertain to me just looking for some reassurance.So in the end while trying to get dressed on Saturday I was so frustrated when nothing at all fit.DH was trying to be comforting and said "honey why don't you just put on those maternity capris that you bought for later?,you are pregnant and you would be so much for comfortable" So I gave in seeing no other answer.But I tell you what I haven't been that comfortable in my clothes for the last week or so.And once I started wearing the ever so stretchy capris/convertible cargo pants part of the bloating/swelling went down in my belly.Not all of it not even close but it was noticeable.It was like the pants were restricting the flow of blood and fluids up and down through my body so it was pooling by my wait band.Just like it does on either side of my wedding ring lately from time to time.I take it off and then it goes down for a while.The funny thing through all of this is I am not eating anymore than usual.In fact DH was the first to point out I eat the same or less.So I have been perplexed.Any ideas girls???


G & H said...

First Ultra sound?!?! HOW EXCITING! HUGS!

twondra said...

I wish I had advice for ya, but I don't. I have heard of others being very bloated early on.

Can't wait for your u/s!!!

cady said...

i wish i had advice for you! i have been having the same problem. i'm now 9 weeks and my "fat pants" barely fit me. hopefully it makes you feel better to know that there are others of us going through this! i did hear, though, that ivf patients tend to gain more weight than people who get pregnant naturally.

Dan and Gretchen said...

It's normal...whatever causes it. I had the same thing, and had tons of people commenting on how quickly I was showing. Maybe you have more than 1 in there b/c I started showing VERY quickly and found out there were 3 in there :)
Can't wait to hear how things are tomorrow.

Michele said...

The drugs bloat me. At the start of a Gonal-F cycle, the bloating begins. I switch to yoga pants and then maternity when I'm PG. Otherwise, I'd be so uncomfy!

Tomorrow's the big day! You have to post ASAP and let us know the results!!! So excited for you!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

cant wait to hear about the ultrasound!!! dont leave us hanging. :)

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My snowflake items
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