Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I will be taking b/c pill #8 this afternoon

I am surprised how semi fast things have been moving.I am currently through the whole first week on my b/c pills.Needless to say we are anxious to move on and pick up where we left off. I have to say the pills seem to make me more tired I keep dozing off.And I have had a little nausea and some food oddities.Like nothing seems to hit the spot so I reach for something else and put the other away after a few bites.I have been hanging in there and just focusing on my next cycle.My AF that ruined my cycle stopped completely after only 3 pills. It actually slowed down after the first one.So now I work my way through the rest and wait for AF to show again.I have been spending time cuddling with one of my delightful dogs.Her name is Molly and she is so happy and chipper that it can be very difficult to feel down around her.I have a male also I will post pics of him later.He is a great dog too but more of the playful type he's not that huge on cuddling yet like she is.She is a cavalier king charles spaniel (he is too)which are great they are like big dogs in a little dogs body. She is only 12 pounds full grown and my male is about 13 pounds but he is not quite a year old yet. I think he has hit his maximum weight or will very shortly as he turns a year in April.She is almost 17 months now and I can't remember what my life was like without her.We have had them both since they were tiny.Well I guess that is enough about them for now,sorry for going on about my pups.I really appreciate the kind comments that I received in regards to my cycle being canceled.You girls are wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Your pup is so adorable. I to absolutely love my dogs! I could go on and on about them. I have 2 Doxins. A male (3) and a female
(1) and we also have a female Golden Retriever (4 months). The Doxin's are very cuddly and I love it. It's nice to have such wonderful companions to comfort us when we need it most huh?

Take care,


Michele said...

I'm glad things are moving semi-fast. That is better than semi-slow!!! Time, move on!!!

Dr. Hill's Mrs. said...

My dog Molly sends a hug to your adorable Molly!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Looks like things are going well... Your dog is so cute!!! I'm more of a cat person, but I like to see and pet my friends & families dogs when I'm around them.lol

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Hey just wanted to let you know I have nomintated you for the LOVE YA award!

Leslie Laine said...

Glad to hear that you're moving onward. It always feels better to be moving, doesn't it?

Thinking of you and your little snowflakes. :)

Mimi said...

I didn't even see your post!!! I am so sorry honey. My email is themurphy4@comcast.net!!! Please, email me any time you want. I would love that!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hi, sweetie,

Sorry it has taken me so long to make my way back to your blog. Spent a ton of time on your site tonight, getting caught up on all that I have missed. I was saddened to read about your cycle being cycled, but hopefully you feel that you will indeed be headed in the right direction again before too long.

Cuddling your darling puppy, in the meantime, seems like a pretty fantastic option!

Take good care.


Andrea said...

Molly is so precious! Those eyes just melt my heart!

Crossing everything for you & your snowflake babies!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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