Thursday, March 19, 2009

ahh feels like spring..

I know it has been a while since I have posted there just hasn't been much to say. I have been busy spring cleaning and spending time outdoors.We have been going for daily walks together which has been nice.I finished taking the active pills in the b/c but still haven't gotten AF.I took the last one on Monday.So I am guessing she should be arriving soon,geez I hope so we can keep things moving.I have caught up on some things that I have been meaning to do so that feels good.I have missed bloggerville but it has been so nice outside that I just can't seem to sit still very long in front of the computer.I promise that once things get started I will be a better blogger.I have missed you all though :-)


twondra said...

Isn't spring great? I love walking too. :) I love being in the outdoors.

I hope AF comes soon!!

Michele said...

The weather is great! Hope it doesnt get cold again. :(

Hope AF comes soon and you can get started with this journey!

Mimi said...

We've missed you too honey!!!


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

The weather has been great here too!! Spring is my favorite time of the year. (except for the pollen)

Don't worry about not posting lately... I'm the same way, if I feel I have nothing to blog about, I just wait until I do:)


Dr. Hill's Mrs. said...

I've been hoping everything was ok. I took my last bc on Friday night and didn't get AF until Tuesday night...

In honor of spring, I had my hair cut into a shoulder-length bob! Yay for spring!

Jeanne said...

Enjoy Spring! :) It's so welcome after the brutal winter this year, isn't it? :)


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

ahhh the first feeling of spring. we have had a taste too. its great!

i see 11 days until fet on your ticker. is that correct? everything going okay?

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My snowflake items
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