Monday, February 21, 2011

My consult today, what do you think? *Updated at bottom*

I had my consult today and I asked all the questions I needed to ask, I think? :-) I have been kinda of out of it due to being sick.We got dumped on by a bunch of snow last night, 7-8 inches so it made the travel to our RE a bit more difficult today. It is normally about 40-45 minutes in good weather but it took us over an hour.We discussed the quality of the embryos,which all three are even better than the ones that created Nanner, but we know that quality isn't everything.Timing,your body and God have a lot to do with it too.So I know that there is no guarantees this will work.I did ask how many he recommends we transfer and he said at least 2 and that the 3rd was up to us if we were willing to accept the chance of multiples.DH and I have been discussing this and this where some of our thoughts are on this.I am going to try to give you girls the facts so that you can help weigh in and tell me what you think we should do.

-RE says risks for multiples is low if we put in all three but none the less it is a risk he said it is 5-10% for triplets and 10-20% for twins

-We could lose embryos in the thaw therefore making this a non issue but we need to know what we want ahead of time

-RE made a point to say that we transferred 3 last time and only ended up with 1 baby and said that is pretty typical for a frozen transfer

-We know that we are pretty sure that this is it for us this year that we can not afford to do another transfer if this does not work, so the 1 remaining embryo could be sitting there frozen for another year or more

-But if it does work the 1 remaing embryo could still be sitting there for a year or more

-If we do not transfer all 3 embies that will leave us with 1 embie in storage (and hefty storage fees to pay), that may or may not make the thaw next time and may or may not become a baby.But it most certainly does not give us much to work with in the event of trying again.Even if we were able to afford to get on the list and matched again our clinic does not mix embies (which I am glad for since it allows me to know which profile belongs to the baby I may be carrying) which means we would have to try with one embie total providing it made the thaw, before we could proceed with new embies.(wow I am hearing $$$)

-I once read that for each embie transferred you have about a 30% chance of becoming pregnant so it would stand to reason that with 3 your chance is good.So that works out to 90% chance respectively.

-Our current embies are not blasts they are a 4 cell grade 1,a 2 cell grade 1 and a 3 cell grade 2+ (our previous set that made Nanner was a 7 cell grade 2,a 4 cell grade 2 and a 6 cell grade 3, He said the grade 3 embie was pretty bad but you never know that could be the one that made Nanner :-) Our current set is higher quality than our previous. I know different clinics have different rating systems, I guess grade 1 is the highest and and a 2+ is about equal to a 1 it's like getting a B+ in school almost an A but not quite. Both sets of embies were and are sets of three.

-There is a chance that this won't even work and this is all for nothing :-( I know I shouldn't think like that,but really we could put all 3 in and none take that's the reality.

-This set is not a genetic set to the one that made Nanner so you can not compare outcome except that I was able to carry a pregnancy finally....

-Here is the background on the previous parents and recipient:
Set began as 10,
Genetic parents transferred 1 =one live birth
First recipient transferred 2 =low positive preg test no live birth
First recipient transferred 3 =2 babies live birth for both
1 embryo was lost in thawing process by one of the previous parents
3 left in storage for us :-)

So there you have some of the facts I am not sure if I have left anything out that would help you to help me make a decision if I have and anyone has any questions please let me know.DH said he is ultimately ok with transferring all 3 but it is my body and and I have the final say.I just want to do the right thing and I also am scared that I will make the wrong decision and it won't work.Now as far as time frame goes for when we might do this cause I know you are all wondering that :-) The RE said we could do as early as a April or May transfer if we get on the schedule.So I am thinking that over as I didn't think I would do another transfer in April but now I am reconsidering it (Marilyn tell Tim thanks for that one lol).So here we are digesting our appointment today and deciding where to go from here.I am going to be keeping closer track of what is spent this time total for when people email and ask me so that I can tell them.We do not have fertility coverage so ours may be higher than some but it will give an idea for those of you just beginning this journey.Today's visit just to talk to the doctor $189.00 out of pocket.Ouch! But what you gonna do? :-) Well that's it for now girls thank you for your well wishes for me and Nanner they are greatly appreciated, ((hugs)) to you all...

Update -To answer your question Tammy yes they are all in separate straws:-)

-Our office said that multicells tend to make the thaw better than blasts due to their lesser stage of development.

-Also all 3 of our previous embryos from Nanners set made the thaw.

-It was thought by my OBGYN that I was PG with twins but it got missed until I had my bleed/SCH at 9 weeks 1 day (there is an entry in blog about it) at which time I lost one so it is possible that 2 initially took.But no one will ever know for sure.

-I/we are not scared of twins/multiples per se just of complications during PG and to the babies.

-I have so LOVED hearing from all of you it has been wonderful to get your input all of you are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much it so appreciated! I sat and read all of your comments to DH :-)


Anna said...

I think first of all you should really pray and listen about it. If it were me, I would plan to thaw all 3 and transfer whatever makes it. For ours we thawed 4 and only 2 made it. One took. You just never know so it's a guessing game. But if it were me, I'd thaw/transfer all 3.

Mindy said...

Honestly, I'd thaw all 3 and transfer whatever makes it. Especially since you would have to pay out-of-pocket.

twondra said...

Are they all in different straws? I know with our last transfer, we were adamant that we were only going to transfer 2 because we didn't want triplets and didn't want to wish "bad" on an embie...but one didn't survive the thaw as you know.

But, this time, the 3 are in the same straw. We've been told that we can refreeze, but I know that's not good for them. We'd rather transfer all 3 if the RE lets us so they get the best chance they can get. Yeah, we know that means it could be triplets or more...yikes... but God already knows anyway.

I guess ultimately for us, it's always been what we felt right about. The first transfer worked out the way it was supposed to....I know that now, and God had the outcome we needed.

I'm babbling. :( But I guess what I'm trying to say is go with your gut and what you feel is best. I'm just trying to help by telling you how we made the decisions we have.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you sweetie! It would be AMAZING if we were pregnancy buddies! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it....that would be the best situation for me!!


Aaron and Jennifer said...

Of course, this is ultimately you and your husband's decision. But, if it were me, I would plan to thaw all 3 and transfer all survivors. I would want to give all 3 of these little lives a chance at birth asap. Also, realistically some embryos at the multicell stage never make it to the blastocyst stage (much less to implantation). For our July FET, we transferred 2 very highly graded blastocysts - no pregnancy. In September, we transferred 3 average blastocysts and got a very weak positive ending with an early miscarriage. For our November transfer, we transferred 2 good blastocysts and 1 not so good blastocyst - resulted in a twin pregnancy. You just never know! :)

Diane said...

I agree with Anna. Definitely pray about it! I, too, think I would thaw all three and transfer any that survive the thaw.

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I agree with Anna- I just love twins and would love triplets as well- specifically Rachel and Angela's adopted embryo blessings!!!!


Ashley said...

We transferred 3 embryos the first time and 4 embryos the second time and none made it so you just never know. Glad your appt went well.

Mandy said...

Ooooooh toughie!

I also vote for three. Yes multiples are possible but not likely. They're also no the end of the world so long as your budget can afford it.

Leaving one behind leaves too much on your mind!

If transferring two does or doesn't work, you're left paying storage fees. Fees that could be used to care for the bab(ies) on the way or to be trying for your last FET. After all that, would you want to endure all the cost of a FET for one that may or may not survive thaw and if it does only has a 30% chance of resulting in pregnancy?

Sometimes it makes sense to put all your eggs in one basket!

Christina said...

For my 3 frozen transfers, we transferred 3 at the 8-cell stage the first time (resulted in Genevieve being born), transferred 2 at the 8-cell stage (one didn't survive the thaw) - miscarriage and the third transfer we had 3 blasts - miscarriage.

Based on my experiences, I would thaw all three and transfer all that survive.

Good luck!

Room for More said...

We had 6 embryos. 5 from one family (4 morula stage 1 blast) and 1 blast from another family. the 4 morulas were not to survive the thaw. Less than 1% chance. On thaw day, 1 morula did die, but all the rest made it. However, on transfer day only 3 were left to transfer and guess what? It was the morulas who survived. We transferred all three and I am 12wk PG with one little one.

We did not want to leave one embryos by itself for a future transfer and would have been thrilled to have multiples if it had happened.

Marilyn said...

You are my bestie,although many miles seperate us know that you are loved and prayed for. I wish you the very best. I am praying you get your hearts desire! It's all in Gods hands trust in Him. I am here for you every step of the way!

Glad Tim got you to thinking cause I'm ready for you to get this show on the road! :-P Seriously though, I am supper excited!

Chelle said...

We were hoping for twins, so the decision was easy for us. (We transferred 3 - and I'm pregnant with 1.) I guess it comes down to how you would feel about multiples vs. how you would feel about having 1 left. (Do you want a 3rd child? When you go to try for a 3rd, how will you feel about having jsut 1 to transfer? etc.)
You're in our prayers!

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My snowflake items
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