Friday, September 17, 2010

Where has the time gone, 9 months already!!

Mason 8 1/2 months just before our final swim for the season

8 months 1 week enjoying swinging outside with his brothers,it was his first time in his big boy swing. He loved it!

This is Nanner at 8 months playing with his favorite toy! We received this from Michele during our online baby shower.He loves it! Plays with it everyday :-)Thank you again Michele.

All of my boys on one of our many walks,we all love to go for walks and enjoy being outside.Nanner is 8 months here.

Of course long stroller rides are so exhausting lol

Nanner boy is 9 months now and I can hardly believe it, it seems like just yesterday he was born. He had his 9 month appointment yesterday and it went well.He has met all of the milestones for his age. I just want him to slow down a bit he is becoming a toddler before my very eyes.Since it has been a while since I did a catch up on baby boy I will do so in a bullet form.

-He is now 19 pounds 2 ounces , 28 1/2 inches long

-He crawls super fast now on all fours , no more slithering or military crawling and when he knows your coming to get him he crawls even quicker and laughs hoping you can't catch him :-)lol

-Began self feeding with small bits of food, has already been holding own bottle since about 3 months

-He can sit up all by himself(unsupported,get up and back down etc) and actually has been doing this since about 7 3/4 months

-He sits up on his knees a lot lately lol for some reason, looks very much like a big boy while doing it

-He eats like crazy! Haven't found anything he doesn't like or won't eat.

-He says ba ba (bottle),ma ma, and da (calls daddy da).Specifically when he wants those things. He babbles several other words too but so far these are the only ones that we are positive that he says when he wants the item he is talking about.

-He now has 3 and a half teeth they are all front teeth and he looks like a cute chipmunk. :-)

-He pulls himself up on everything! And has just begun a small amount furniture cruising and letting go for brief periods of time and standing before he drops to his bottom.

-He loves to be outdoors and loves the water!

So there you have my peanut in a nutshell :-) When I was at the doctors yesterday I saw a lady there with her new baby boy it sure made me think back to when Nanner was tiny and also to what may or may not lie ahead for our family.I actually have quite a bit to blog about but never seem to be able to find the time.I am guilty of checking and using face .book more frequently since it is quicker,I know shame on me.But if anyone else is on there feel free to look me up or email me for the link.I will get some 9 month pics of baby boy on here as soon as possible I definitely need to take some before he gets even bigger :-P.I am still here girls I still read and I try to comment as much as possible.I sure do miss all of you though :-(


Christina said...

He is such a cutie! I totally get being too busy for stuff! It's great to see the update :)

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

He is adorable!!!!


Michele said...

AWWW !!! So glad he loves that toy!! You made my day!!!

twondra said...

Wow! Can't believe it's been 9 months! He's so cute! We need him to stay little. :)

Love ya! Miss ya!!

Meredith said...

9 MONTHS wow! Its so hard to believe it's been 9 months since you had him! He has grow SO much and has developed SO much! I know what you mean about finding the time to just sit and chat. I'm guilty of the FB thing too-I got your comment...normally I'm on my IPHONE on facebook so its hard to tell when someone is online...but we def need to catch each other and chat! I know you have been through the foster care to adoption and I've got SO much I'd really like to chat about with you-someone who has been there... I'm in Oklahoma so I'm central time...we can try to connect hopefully soon! <3 Can't wait for the pics!

Kami said...

He is getting so big!!! I wanna pich his little cheeks. LOL


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My snowflake items
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