Monday, June 14, 2010

A post from the brighter side of things and happy 6 months Nanner boy

I just want to thank all of you for your kind comments and support.Sometimes a girl just needs to vent.I sure wish that I lived closer to all of you wonderful girls.It also helped to know that there were others in a similar situation out there, not that I am happy that my fellow bloggers are lonely too but it's comforting to know that we do have that in common.So on a happier front around here as I promised that was coming well first and foremost I have lost 30 pounds since February 23rd(that's when I started dieting) which means I lost 30 pounds in just about 16 1/2 weeks and 47 pounds since I gave birth in December. I am officially 9 pounds away from my prepregnancy weight.Not that it was where I wanted to be but it is my first goal. By next goal is my wedding weight/prefertility med weight which is 28 pounds away. So as you can see I am over half way to my ultimate goal.I have until September to reach this goal and I hope I can.I was thinking august before but now September seems more reasonable.Dh was on 1st shift originally and then got put on 2nd for several weeks and now is back on 1st which allows us to all be out and active as a family so that is why the weight came off so much more quickly before and it seems to be picking up again. :-) Also I want to say Happy 6 months to my Nanner Baby!! I cannot believe he is 6 months already!!!Another good thing that happened recently is that my RE's office called the other day. It was our donor embryo coordinator and she wanted to know if I would be willing to call a patient of theirs and talk to her about the donor embryo process since I had been through it myself and the patient was really looking for someone who had experienced it. It felt so good to know that out of all of their patients (they have several success stories) she picked me.She said so many nice things to me about why she chose me and how she thought I could help it felt good to be trusted with one of their patients. She said she knew I was the just the right person to call as soon as the woman expressed an interest in speaking with someone and feeling like she was the only one going through this process. I had a very nice conversation with her I will call her "S" for her privacy and she further told me how many nice things the donor coordinator told her about me.Which I won't lie felt really good after a bad week :-) "S" had many of the same fears, questions and excitement that I had starting this process it was so nice to be able to be there for her.She is currently on our RE's list and is awaiting embies which the time frame can range dramatically for but I am so excited for her. I just know that she will have her match soon.I look forward to hearing from her and about her process as we we plan to keep in touch by phone.She lives about 3 1/2 hours from me.So there you have some better news from the home front. We are planning a walk as a family tonight and now we can eat dinner as a family again Yea!First shift is nicer but still as always a change in schedule takes some time for us to adjust to since DH has to be to work at 4am most days EEK! And 6am on normal days.Still eek!Well girls I should go for now but again thank you all so much for all the kind words and support. ((hugs)) P.s I was gonna post pics but blogger won't let me :-(


Nichole said...

Hey hon - I haven't really been around much, so I didn't get the chance to comment on your last blog, but I want you to know that I am really sorry for not reaching out. I knew you were struggling, but I never picked up the phone and I am truly sorry for that.

I agree that it is very hard to make friends - I have a lot of acquaintances, but I don't really have someone that I would call up if I needed a shoulder to cry on.

I am glad you are having a better week and I hope you find your Sex and the City girlfriends soon! LOL


twondra said...

He's adorable! I can't believe he's already 6 months old! Wowzers. :)

Glad you're doing better! Always here for you!! (((HUGS)))

Marilyn said...

I am so glad things are going better!!


Polly Gamwich said...

Love the pics! Too cute!

That's so great that you were able to help out that prospective patient ... makes you feel like God is using your difficult experiences for His good. It's so great.

Sarah said...

He is SOOOO cute!! :) :)

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My snowflake items
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