Monday, November 30, 2009

Well here it is and I am looking for opinions...

I had my appointment today and it went well. My blood pressure was down by 19 points for the top number and 2 for the bottom compared to a week ago. I am back into the realm of normal for me now.Also my weight which has to be a fluke is down my ten pounds from a week ago. My feet look better and my skin is not as tight feeling.The results from my blood work all looked good but the results from my 24 hour urine were mediocre.Apparently normal is 100 or below and preclamptic is 300 or higher. I however was 189 as of thanksgiving day.So that puts me in grey area which also means I am creeping towards preeclampsia.They plan to watch me close.Also they scheduled me for induction on December 16th only 16 days away. It isn't completely necessary at this point but I think they fear it will be with my urine numbers rising. She said they usually do schedule inductions around the holidays when a due date is so close to them. My actual due date is December 21st.I am not sure how I feel about being induced or if I want it to happen that way. The planner in me likes being able to plan for someone to watch our dogs and house and my boys.Also I like knowing he will be here for sure for Christmas and will not have a christmas eve or christmas day birthday that he hates having.I also fear that maybe the longer I wait my chances of getting preeclamptic will rise.The other part of me wants something during this pregnancy to happen naturally. It can be a bit hard when you undergo invitro, suffered IF and MC's to feel like a completely normal pregnant woman.I have heard that being induced is much more painful and tiring on the mom.The doctor told me that we can always cancel the induction so here I sit unable to commit to either side this is where all you girls come in. Please share with me any and all induction knowledge you have even if it isn't you directly, it could be a sister,friends,cousins, an in law or your own experience.Or anything you know or have learned about it.I also welcome your opinions as I need help making this huge decision unless baby boy makes it for me and comes before then which I am hoping he will.I am scared and nervous and don't want to make the wrong decision so feel free to email stories or post them in the comments. My email is on my page sidebar.Hugs to you all and I look forward to your input.


embieadoptmom said...

I was induced with my daughter 19 years ago. It went very smooth. They started Petocin & broke my water at 9am and I had a very wonderful delivery by 6pm. God will lead you to make the right decision! Just wanted to give you my encouragement!

Lisa said...

Well, I was induced early because I am a diabetic. They started me with pitocin, but I never dilated past a 3. They had to end up doing a c-section, but I was fine with that. I was so anxious to see and hold my little IVF miracle that I didn't care at that point. You will make the right decision...just think about the well being of you and your baby!!

Michele said...

Induction is never something I'll have to worry about since I deliver preterm, it seems, no matter what. BUT I did have postpartum eclampsia and it is no joke. Preeclampsia poses risks to both you and the baby. If you are creeping towards it, induction may be the safest for both of you. From what I've heard, yes, it is harder on the mom and gives you a higher risk of a c-section. But rather that you have this planned than you need an emergency delivery because you go completely preeclampsic and your baby's life- as well as your own- become in jeopardy. Just my opinion, of course!

Jen said...


Sending prayers your way!!! Our birth mom was induced with Mary C and all went fine. I just want you and your baby to stay safe and sound- as you already know, that is what is most important!!! Pre E is VERY scary, I would hate for the two of you to get to that point!!! My girl friend had to have an emergency C Section because of it- I know you don't want that-

December 16 is sounding PERFECT to me- not too close to the holidays and he will be full grown!!! Just the PERFECT Christmas present.

I hope this helps!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I was induced and it was just fine. Everything went really well. I didn't feel any pain until the doctor came in to break my water. I was having real contractions but they felt like braxton hicks to me. Just a tight feeling. As soon as they broke my water thats when the real pain started, but they were ready for the epidural quickly after. Honestly I had a wonderful delivery which I know isn't always the case. But I was induced at 9:30 in the morning and had him at 3:51. It went by really fast trust me.

I have had a few friends who were in labor all day long after being induced. All of those friends had only been dilated to a 1 when they went in. I was at a 3 when I got induced. That might be what made mine go so fast. One of the friends who was induced at a 1 ended up having a c-section. But the other just gave birth 12 hours after inducing. I guess it just depends on the person.
I hope you are able to decide what you feel is best for you.
I do know that sometimes if the baby stays in longer the chances of complications go up.
Especially with the preeclampsia going on.
Just know that the doctors wouldn't do it if it wasn't a good choice. They want whats best for you and your baby.

Nichole said...

Hey sweetie -
I know I have been a little distant lately, but I wanted to chime in on this. I think you need to do whatever you can to prevent preeclampsia. Obviously I have never had it, but I know people who have, and it is awful and very dangerous.

I think you will make the right decision in the end, but I wanted to give my .02.

Good luck - I am rooting for you and SO excited for you!

Mel B. said...

You don't know me, my name is Melissa I just follow but.... I was induced 10 years ago with my son at 37 weeks because of toximia and it was amazing. I totally recommend it. I got there at 5:50 am they started the pitocin at 7:30they broke my water. I didn't really feel much until noon when I got my epi and I had him perfectly fine at 3:50pm so not a long thing at all. It was great much eaiser then my baby 2 years ago who was not induced it was so nice to know when, not have to worry and I had much less pain then I did with my daughter. In fact with this one (I am 34 weeks) I will be scheduling an elective induction again. It was really a great expereince I know that sounds bad but I liked the calmness. I did not have any worse contractions or anything with him, hers with no pitocin were actually much worse. Feel free to email me if you have any questions but I like the option and its much better then risking preclamsia. Good luck!

Lara said...

hi- i'm new to your blog and read this post and had to tell you what i know. i've had four children all born by me being induced. i have yet to have a c-section. my first baby was an induction b/c i was headed towards pre-e and they thought better safe than sorry. i was 38w5d. i was only 1cm and 50% so they softened or "ripened" my cervix with cervadil. once you make progress with that (they usually put it in at night, have you sleep and then check you in the morning) and are more soft and/or dialated, they start pitocin. since i've never had anything but braxton hicks without pitocin, i can't compare pit contractions with real contractions. however, i was in the worst pain of my life for 16 hours while i waited to dialate to a 3 so i could get my epi. i got it when i was a 3 and labored for about 6 more hours. pused for 30 mins and she was born. also here's what i can tell you about number2: my second daughter was measuring a little large and at 40w1d i was induced with just pit (b/c i was a 2 and 75% effaced)at 10 am. i played games with my sister the entire time i was waiting for my epi (about 5 or 6 hrs). yes, i paused when contractions hit, but i wasn't phased by them much. once my water broke she was born within a couple hours-- only pushed about three mins. The last two babies were overnight/cervadil babies. again, pain never got too much for me to handle before i could have my epi. here are some other facts i know: when you do get pitocin, it's going to feel frustrating because you feel tied down to the bed. you'll have iv's, possibly an internal monitor (my hospital makes you have one if you are on pit-- i think it's pretty standard, external monitors-- basically tubes and wires everywhere. if you want to be up moving around, it may be a bit tougher to do so, but it usually isn't too big a deal. i usually sit on birthing balls while on pit and that helps move the baby down. you'll know (and your doc too) what's right for you. just remember, that ultimatley, all you want/need is a safe, healthy deliver, mama and baby. good luck and best wishes.

TeamStutts said...

I was induced with Anderson last October. We were one week past my due date.
I went in at 6am 1 1/2 cm dialated and 90% effaced.
The pitocin was started and all was fine till they broke my water! The contractions came strong and fast, and they hurt like no pain I have ever felt!
I ended up only getting to 3-4cm at 5pm. I had a c-section and Anderson was born at 5:51pm. I was told a few weeks before my due date as well as the check on my due date that "we may be talking about a c-section." I think they knew all along he wouldn't fit! I will have to have a c-section everytime!
of who I know that was induced...most ended in c-section...EXCEPT the girls who went in the night before??? Apparently some doctors offices send you to the hospital the night before and put something on the cervix to "ripen" it and prepare it for labor! For some reason all the inductions I know of that had that did NOT have C-section.
It is a really hard choice. I thought from the beginning I would have to have a section, then as it got closer I really wanted the natural birth. In the was perfect! And it was the best for Anderson!
I definately would be as cautious as possible with the pre-eclampsia! Trust your doctors...if they think you should enduce early...they are probably right!
Good luck! Sooo exciting! That precious baby will be here in no time and your life will be forever blessed!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

You can read my induction story on my blog. Lets just say, I never want to be induced again. However, I know many ppl who have had great experiences with it. Depends on each person. Do what your heart tells you, and your docs suggest!

Either way, Mason will be here soon!!!!!!!!

amanda said...

i was induced with all four of my babies.

my first was a few days late and looking to be a big baby. i was induced with a gel on my cervix it started minimal contractions. but when my dr broke the water it went great!

my next two were also induced the same way and the labor/delivery went perfectly. although the gel worked much faster and 'better' with them. 'they' say that happens.

my last birth i was induced with a pill instead of the gel (because it's cheaper) the pill did nothing to start anything. so after the dr broke my water things started a little bit. but i ended up having to go on pitocin to keep things moving. pitocin was nice in the fact it got things going, but it got intense fast!

with this pregnancy i'm sure i'll be induced (because i don't want another nine pound baby!!) and i'm requesting the gel and not the pill. it works much better and the pill was the same pill i took TWICE to induce my miscarriage and that didn't work then either. giving my history with cytotec i'm sure my dr will be fine with it.

whatever choice you make, do what YOU want!! praying!

hopefaithlove said...

PRAYING for you, you are nearing the end!

kanishk said...

I think they knew all along he wouldn't fit! I will have to have a c-section everytime!

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amisha said...

Good luck - I am rooting for you and SO excited for you!
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