Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Looking through profiles for weeks now....and a visit with a fellow blogger!

We officially received profiles to look at on August 12th in the mail. They arrived while we were on a family trip so we had to wait until we got home almost 2 weeks after that to look at them. It was so hard waiting. Our official waiting list wait was just under 4 and a 1/2 months. Much less then the initial 9-12 months they first predicted at my RE's office. We have already passed on the first 2 sets we were sent and are still currently looking at 4 other sets that were sent a few weeks later. We have struggled a bit more with deciding and may still continue to wait for the next sets. We have passed for various reasons one main one was a possible serious health concerns and another was set size. We have one set that we are strongly considering but it does not contain the in depth profile that we are used to as they came from another RE's office that closed. My RE took on another office's patients and embryos after they closed. The doctor from the other office that closed was diagnosed with a serious illness. My office said that the embryos coming from them look good but they just did not do in depth profiles and they use a way different grading system. For us it is hard to select a set that does not have the in depth profile because we love knowing as much as we can about the people who selflessly donated their precious embryos.We want to be able to share that with our babies someday.Both offices are anonymous donation but my office collects a lot more personal information from the donors.Their office 1 page my office 12 pages hobbies ,religion, occupation,medical history, musical ability and so much more! Huge difference! Also I have to say that my RE and his office are wonderful! And they are awesome at what they do so it's hard to feel like I will as successful using this other offices embryos. We may still choose the the set with less info it's just a stumbling block right now that hubby and I are talking our way through with each other. I will share more about all of this once we decide on a set. We are going to go get our bloodwork done tomorrow. I can expect about 14 vials drawn from me and hubby only gets about half that. Lucky guy!I need to get my sono and mock done soon now that I FINALLY got a period again. I asked my OB's office for progesterone to help induce it after it didn't come back after stopping nursing. I waited 6 months and it wouldn't come. After I took the progesterone it came back but I only got it 3 extremely heavy,irregular times. It then disappeared for over 3 months until recently.I have no idea why but at least it will allow us to move forward sooner. The RE planned to induce it soon if it didn't show. On other news we recently went on a family trip up through the top of Michigan and around down through Wisconsin and back up to home in Michigan.Which officially we now have driven entirely around Lake Michigan :-) Our main reason for going to Wisconsin was to see a fellow blogger Tammy. We have met before but we were soooo anxious to see her, her husband and meet their daughter for the first time! And they too were able to meet my entire family as they had only met Mason last time and he was only weeks old and now is 3 and a half! Wow does time fly! It was good to see them and we miss them already! We are sad that we don't live closer to them :-( and we can't wait to see them again!


Aaron and Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update. Choosing profiles is fun-I hope you find your babies soon! :)

Kriss said...

How exciting!!

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
DH got me these after we officially accepted our set of snowflake babies