Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lupron and family fun, okay so the two don't really go together LOL

Riding on the tram

All of us after our picnic lunch

Day 3 of Lupron shots done.Not much new to tell here, just feverishly trying to finish raising the money for the FET. It has come to my attention that it is due by the 26th when I have my U/S. So we are trying really hard to get to where we need to be with that. For a moment we considered not moving forward this month with the meds for the transfer in August but have decided to believe that God will make a way.We are going to have a smallish yard sale this Saturday, I say small because we have already sold most of what we had on craigsli.st or in previous yard sales.Even though it is smaller I am hoping there are enough proceeds to cover our remaining needed funds.Which is about $400.00. Considering how much we originally needed to raise the amount still required has shrunk greatly. Normally this wouldn't be so hard to get this raised but about 2 weeks ago DH's work cut every ones hours by 10-12 hours indefinitely and this was done with no notice. Talk about bad timing....So that is why we are scrambling so hard with this remaining amount.So on another note we decided to have some much desired and needed family time this weekend.Even though they cut DH's hours he still has to work 6-7 days a week, mandatory. Yeah I know it sucks! So it can be really hard to have as much quality family time as we would like. So when he didn't have to work on sunday (him having a day off is VERY RARE) we made sure to start our fun on saturday evening to make the most of it :-) We decided to go camping in our backyard which was really fun and relaxing. We started the evening off by setting up our tent,building a bonfire,and then cooking our dinner (hot dogs)over the fire, we also had macaroni salad and chips.We ate at the picnic table and then went swimming ,a friend of mine also joined us after dinner to go swimming (we don't have a big or fancy pool but it works for us lol), sit around the fire and have smores. The boys had a blast and they loved "camping out". I loved sitting with everyone around the fire after dark.Nanner boy was so snugly and loved just sitting and cuddling with momma by the fire :-)After we got all the boys into the tent for bed it was great to just sit and chat with my friend and hubby, so relaxing! Which is very needed since my last cycle that failed was very stressful from the start and we are trying to not have a replay of that.The next morning we went to the Zoo as we already had tickets that we bought about 2 months ago in anticipation of going but it didn't pan out for when we thought we might go. Being in Michigan our zoo's aren't open as long as others so they were set to expire the beginning of October and we are thinking positively that I will be PG after this cycle and may not be allowed to walk as much as the zoo requires. There are pretty long trails for exhibits and activities some through the woods that are not paved (it's really cool) and others on boardwalks through a swamp/marsh land.And of course the main zoo and the African safari zoo side which in and of themselves are both a ton of walking. We fed the giraffes which are my absolute favorite. It was so cute watching nanner feed those beautiful animals. He was not scared at all and his face lit up as did my older boys.We also went in the petting zoo area and he pet the goats again I loved watching his face as he tried new things. It is so fun to live through my children, this was nanners first trip ever to a zoo, my older boys have been there before but they love it every time.We rode the very cute zoo train around the zoo which nanner was mesmorized by and later he just laid back, smiled and enjoyed our other ride on the safari tram train that takes you to the safari side of the zoo through the woods, past water and pretty scenery.It's really neat! It's three cars long, decorated with zebra stripes and they play safari animal noises/music while the announcements act as though you were departing the USA and traveling to Africa. They tell you what to expect in Africa and tell you info and facts about there and the animals.The boys again had so much fun and it was done without extra expense.Our tickets were pre paid, we took a picnic lunch and then used a gift card that I got for my birthday for dinner at subway on the way home. I loved that we were able to have a couple of fun filled days without spending any money! Yay! The boys loved it all and it made us feel so good to give them a couple of special days.I have so many more pictures from the zoo and camping out I will share some of them later when I am not so tired.Family fun wipes you out lol.But it is worth it.It was more tiring as we have had days in the 96 degree range lately including the day at the zoo so we are a bit sweaty looking in the pics lol.Well girls I need to get to bed as it is late/early already.I will update soon.God bless you all!

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My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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