Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where we go from here...and question for all of you

Sorry I have not posted sooner but I have been digesting our cancellation and some of the other things that go with it. Let me try to catch everyone up on what's going on. First and foremost I have to say with all of the stuff that has been happening in this cycle with my RE's office etc that this has been such a stressful cycle. If you have read my previous posts then you know that there has been more than a few hang ups and I thought that was all of them until I went in to see my RE on April 26th.The appointment started out bad with them not being able to draw blood from me,they had 2 people try and couldn't get any. So they had me move on to my u/s portion of my appointment just to find out that I had not been responding to the stim meds at all.Ugh! So then the nurse said that she needed to show my results to the doctor in order to get a new dose for the stims etc.She then promised to call me and said she would FOR SURE call me this afternoon.So we left and waited for the call. It started getting later but I know that they sometimes call after hours so I didn't sweat it too bad until it got to be 4:30pm and there was no call.At that point I tried calling the office and the phones were off and said they were closed.I still held out hope that they would be calling as I have gotten calls after 5pm before but no later than 5:15.So I thought just maybe they were just busy calling other patients and would be calling shortly. Well my shot was due at 6pm so as it got to be 5pm and there was no call I was anxious to say the least. We ended up calling their emergency number and had the answering service contact the doctor we let them know what was going on and when my shot was due etc and they said they would pass the message on to the doctor. So we waited and waited, 6pm came and went no call and then 6:30pm still no call. We didn't get a return call until 7pm.At which the point the doctor who obviously did not have my chart seemed semi annoyed that he was disturbed for this. He then said based on what I said he would up my dose temporarily.I was then told I should call the office between 1pm-2pm the next day to get further instructions.So I did do so the next day. I must say though there was no a real tone of apology after he found out that I had not be called back with instructions just kind of well it shouldn't happen but sometimes it does. And he went on to say they literally make 100's of phone calls a day and it is a lot for the nurses to keep up with. I felt like it was just explained away.I felt forgotten..Either way I did up my dose for the three days as instructed and I then went to my Friday appointment on the 29th of April.At that appointment they were going to see if I had made any progress on the higher dose. I had been informed by the nurse when I called them the day after they forgot me that I was looking at a possible cancellation if I did not respond as needed by that Friday. But she did say that may try a different route and I would have to wait and see the doctor on Friday.When I got there I asked them not to draw my blood until after my u/s as it would be a waste of money if the cycle could just be canceled anyways. They let me wait to have it drawn and I was glad I did as the u/s showed no change at all. After 9 days of stims Nada.(no real increase in the size of my follies and very thin lining) I find it so confusing that what worked last time had no effect on me at all. Simply crazy! So then they had us sit down with the doctor (not our doctor it was his partner) He seemed very concerned and understanding. He took the time to answer all my questions.I have seen him before actually most of this cycle and he did my mock/sono from before and my u/s that day.I have seen him more than my doc. I didn't use to care for him that much but I have to say that he has grown on me and that he seems more on top of things than my current doc.Maybe he can do the transfer if I ask the office??? Don't get me wrong my current RE is very nice but almost too nice to the point of being condescending.Sometimes he comes off kinda fake and very rushed, he used to be more genuine acting and took time with you, that is what drew me to him and his office originally. Also he is still building his practice larger and sometimes I feel like in doing so the office has lost that closeness and support it used to offer.I just think he is spread to thin and they have gotten too big.Anyway as we sat there with the other RE he explained that we would be switching meds and would still be using this cycle. They have decided to put me on an estrace only cycle.They are trying to build up my lining.The pros of doing this are we don't have to completely wait for a new cycle but I do have to be on it for 18 days which really is about as long as waiting for a my next cycle.Another pro no more shots for now.Also it is very cheap and available on most stores $4.00 RX lists.Yet another good thing about it is we know exactly when our FET will be, provided this works. It will be on the 16th of May.Which does make it a bit easier for planning purposes etc.I have to go back in on the 9th for a u/s and b/w to see if it is working so please pray for me that it is. I have to admit that I am a bit nervous and scared that this will not work as this is not the protocol that we used when we were successful.The Re did say that they use this one too and it works but the other is more natural.So I guess my question to all you that have done an FET or know someone who has were they successful doing the estrace only protocol?? I am trying to let go and think THIS WILL WORK but all the issues I had in my previous cycle make that hard.When I did talk to the nurse the day after they forgot me she did say stress could play a large factor in whether someone responds or responds well to meds.But that other factors are unknown. Well if they didn't want me to be stressed then maybe they should stop stressing me out,just a thought. ;-p There have been more issues then I have posted about but I just didn't feel like posting about them when the happened because I was really trying to let them go. In hindsight maybe I should have as it would have gotten them out and maybe made me feel better.One issue I had was realizing my favorite nurse from last time had become a product of her office. She became less caring, less personal and a bit snippy at times.We were almost like friends before (chatting on the phone for the sake of chatting after hours,she even left a note for me on transfer day since she was not working that day,I have given her cards, candy etc just because she was so supportive then) but I see two years have changed her.That made me sad :-( well girls I think that is about it for now, I will know more on Monday after my appointment.


Diane said...

I did an estrogen-only cycle my first try, and that cycle was unsuccessful, unfortunately, but I had some polyps that we didn't know about, so I don't think it was the protocol itself that didn't work. We added Lupron for my successful cycle after taking care of the polyps. I do know of several women who have had successful estrogen only cycles, though, so don't be discouraged!

Breen said...

You are doing an FET cycle right? If you are doing an FET cycle why are they having you stim? When I did my FET cycle for the EA, I took BC for 2 months and then Lupron(i think) and then estrace shoved up close to the cervics and then PIO. With an FET you don't want to ovulate but you want to get your lining thicker. I'm just confused why they are having you stim for an FET?

lc said...

My cycle was lupron followed by estrace and then POI starting 4 or 5 days before transfer. Also my lining never got above 6 even with extra Estrace. Then my lining started thinning in the few days before the transfer. Transfer was successful and I am 27 week pregnant.

Another note on the POI. My high risk OB says these shots are silly. That a viable pregnancy will produce sufficient progesterone on its own and that the shots are just unnecessarily doctoring the lab results.

I'll be praying for you. May 16 will be here soon.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about all of this stress and upset! My question would be the same as Breen's. I don't understand why they are having you stim. I'm having an FET using donated embryos in June, and my protocol sounds almost exactly like Breen's. (BCP's for 2 months, Lupron, Estrace, PIO.) Speaking from experience, it never hurts to consider finding another RE with a reliable, supportive staff. My old RE sounds much like yours (not returning phone timely, rude staff,) and it took me a long time to finally get fed up. Looking back, I wish I had made the change a long time ago. Good luck and best wishes to you! :)

Amy said...

I have to also wonder why the stims for an FET cycle. I'm having an FET in June using donated embies, and my protocol sounds identical to Breen's. I can understand your frustrations with your RE's office. It took me a long time to get fed up with my old RE's office and staff before I made a change. The untimeliness of returning calls, rude staff, etc. all add to the already stressful ordeal! Looking back, now that I have an RE who I love, whose staff calls me by name when I walk in, etc., I wish I had made the change much sooner. Best of luck to you!

Anna said...

Hey, sorry I've missed a lot. We just now got our internet back on from the storms last week. I'm so sorry this transfer didn't work out. :( (((HUGS)))

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