Thursday, October 7, 2010

Digging out of a huge mess....... FET Postponed... and guess what? We are homeschoolers

Sorry I have been so MIA lately but life seems to have just taken over. I made a huge decision this year which has added more to my plate and that is to home school my children. I had so much trouble with the school my oldest was in last year and there were so many cutbacks (phys ed,music, art etc) that it seemed that all the extras were gone.My oldest son is also special needs and his needs were not being met.I am not sure if I have ever disclosed that he was special needs before with all of you but I may choose to open that area of my life in the near future.I was actually already in the process of making the decision to home school while he was finishing his year last year. So when it came time for my middle son to start school this year and for my oldest to return we didn't. We began home school.So far it is going really good. My boys tell me all the time that they really like school.We created a school room with desks and everything for them.My oldest never told me without being prompted that he liked school last year.This year he says it unprompted all the time.I enjoy teaching them and it ensures that I spend quality time with them everyday.We even have field trips planned.Which the whole family will be attending,no more missing out for me, Bryan or their baby brother.One reason we also decided to home school was some of the behavior that was already being picked up from other children. It shocks me what other people let their kids say, watch, and do.Even in kindergarten! Trust me you would be shocked.What happened to childhood innocence? Now that my oldest is no longer around any of that he doesn't say or do anything that he had picked up. Thank goodness!

Another reason I have been missing is we had a storm a couple weeks ago that took down a huge tree and created a huge mess and expense for us.We have been cleaning up ourselves I have pictures on face book (just click on the highlighted "huge mess" and "cleaning up ourselves" if you want to see me weilding a chainsaw lol, please ignore how bummy I look I was dog sick and beat tired and dirty from working for hours, it will take you to the pics)Let me know if the link doesn't work.It damaged our little above ground pool,kids swing set, all our lounge chairs, two different areas of fencing, our new bricks around our fire pit and pool net.It hit absolutely everything it could hit.Except our house it barely missed it grazed it.It actually left a mark on the window where it swiped acrossed my oldest sons window. EEK! The power went out while the baby was crawling around the living room and it was already dark out and he couldn't see so he started screaming. We had just put the older boys to bed and my oldest sons nightlight had gone out because the power went out so he starting getting upset. We went in there to comfort him after locating a flashlight and then CRASH!!! We looked out and there it was, the huge tree and a horrible mess. Either way it has meant some draw backs for us in the next FET transfer department since all extra funds have been tied up in repairs, tools and clean up.This makes me sad but really there isn't much I can do about it. I already found a new OBGYN and and have a upcoming appointment with her to get established( I did not want to use my last one again after my horrible experience)I keep hoping that maybe we will be able to do something by November or December.But as of right now it is postponed indefinitely:-( I hope you are all well. ((hugs))


Aaron and Jennifer said...

Wow - what a mess! I am so sorry. How cool that you're homeschooling - I think that is awesome. I hope your FET won't be postponed too long...I know you're ready to get those babies out of the freezer and in your womb!

Ashley said...

Sorry to hear about your FET being postponed. God's timing is perfect though! Good luck with the homeschooling!

Holly said...

Sorry life has taken over your life...Saw the mess on FB-NO FUN at all.

Everything will come together, just keep the faith.

Sending you a big ole hug from Sunny Atlanta!

twondra said...

Man, so sorry about the FET being postponed. That's hard news to take. :(

Glad you're enjoying home schooling!

Think about you and the boys ALL the time! Give them hugs from me!!

Angela said...

So sorry about the tree! So glad you are all ok! I'd love for you to email me and chat about life, homeschooling, boys, their needs, postponed FETs, and more! Big hugs!

Meredith said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the storm. I saw some of the pictures on FB its unreal what mother nature can do! Fingers are crossed for November or December!!

Marilyn said...

((HuGS)) I am so sorry you guy's had to deal with all of that!! If it is any consolation you made a beautiful Lumber Jack! Let's Just call you Lumber Jane. LOL, I am only teasing you! I am really sorry you have to postpone your FET! :-( I know how hard you have worked to get your body ready! Maybe we could cycle together next fall!?!

Love ya!!

amanda said...

yay for homeschooling!! i love love love to homeschool!! :) praying everything else works out!

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My snowflake items
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