Friday, August 6, 2010

Fund raising to bring home our embie babies

We are getting into crunch time for us and we are still falling short of our needed funds to bring our embie babies home. We had three goals in order to do so. They are and were the following:

1.DH needed to be hired in at his temp job (Done!)

2.I wanted to at least get to my prepregnancy weight before trying again but also wanted to get to my wedding weight preferably. Almost done. Only 1 pound to pregnancy weight and 20 until wedding weight, I know I can get the rest off , I have been walking my butt off and given up ALL, I mean all junk food and bad snacking period :-P (just weighed myself this morning haven't updated my tickers yet

3.The funds have to be raised/saved to bring our precious embies home
(our goal has not been met yet) :-(

What is partially frustrating is that we are spending money to keep them there that we could be saving to bring them home (yeah I know it is impossible to do anything about, storage fees are inevitable and expensive)

We are going to have a yard sale this weekend in hopes of raising some funds towards bringing them home.If anyone has any other fund raising ideas they are more than welcome.Please remember though we are in a relatively small area so things don't always work the same here as they do in bigger areas.

I have also finally added a donate button to my blog.I noticed quite a few fellow bloggers also have them, I thought I would at least have it on there just in case someone felt drawn to help bring our embie babies home.

We were really hoping for a fall or early winter transfer. But I am not sure it is gonna happen at this rate. I have found in my research that my chances of experiencing PPD decrease dramatically if I do not give birth in the winter months, around holidays or have a bad birth experience ( we will be trying to do everything in our power to change that this time too).So if I conceive in the fall/ winter then I will not be giving birth during this time which is optimal. Of course there is the chance that this won't even work, or they won't make the thaw,or...don't even get me started. I still have the same doubts and fears as the first time. But for now my biggest fear and concern is how are we gonna get our babies home.....


Christina said...

I hope it all works out soon! And, nice job on the weight loss!

Jen said...

Take it one day at a time. God will bring you the resources and the timing will be perfect. Congrats on your awesome weight loss!

Jess said...

The financial aspect of fertility treatments can be so stressful!!! We had absolutely no idea where the money would come from but we prayed and prayed and we got it just weeks before we needed it. Praying that it comes through for you quickly and you can proceed as planned.

Ashley said...

Good luck with the garage sale! I need to have one, too! Have you seen They have a fundraiser through their website.

twondra said...

I sure hope the garage sale goes well!! ((HUGS))

Room for More said...

congrats on getting to your wedding weight! How did the garage sale go this weekend?

My snowflake items

My snowflake items
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